Streaming Ad Inventories Are Catching Up with Audience Growth: Horizon’s Alex Stone

MARCO ISLAND, FL – Amazon, Netflix and Disney are among the media owners that have started to sell advertising on their streaming services, giving brands more ways to reach U.S. consumers. Those audiences include people whose viewing habits shifted away from traditional linear television during the pandemic, which temporarily halted live sports and the production […]


Roku’s Zografakis Sees Ad Outcomes Driving Retail Media’s CTV Interest

MARCO ISLAND, FL — In the new age of CTV advertising, targeting is not the only game in town – advertisers increasingly want performance-driven TV ads, too. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ziggy Zografakis, Director, Ad Product Partnerships, Roku, explains how the streaming TV platform is offering ad buyers outcome capabilities. He says the company […]


Publicis Commerce’s Cruz Sees Evolution In The Fusion of CTV and Retail Media

MARCO ISLAND, FL — Retail media is not just climbing; it’s soaring, and Connected TV (CTV) is the wind beneath its wings. With the convergence of highly engaged audiences and high-impact content, CTV has become the new frontier for retailers who are lighting up their own ad operations. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV at […]


Data Quality Critical To AI-Driven Advertising Results: Moloco’s Simon

MARCO ISLAND, FL — In the AI age, the adage “Garbage In, Garbage Out” may never have been more true. Given that machine learning and large language models rely on training data sets, the provenance of those inputs is critical. Those in advertising hoping to harness the technology should take note. In this video interview […]


Podcast Advertising Is Transforming Digital Marketing Strategies: GroupM’s Jen Soch

MARCO ISLAND, FL – Podcasts can expand the time people spend with media, giving listeners a way to hear a broad range of spoken-word content while they’re doing other things such as commuting, doing chores or working out. The audio format also gives marketers a way to reach engaged audiences with a data-driven advertising strategy. […]


Attention Is Differentiation: Sharethrough’s Marsolais On Engaging CTV Ad Formats

MARCO ISLAND, FL — How do you keep a viewer engaged when it’s commercial break time and their smartphone is just a few inches away? For Luc Marsolais, the answer lays in innovating the CTV experience. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Marsolais, Chief Operations Officer, Sharethrough, explains what his company is doing about it. Innovations […]


Retail Media & Shoppable Video Are Compelling for Brands: Hershey’s Vinny Rinaldi

MARCO ISLAND, FL – As retailers evolve into media outlets, their relationships with consumer packaged goods companies that fill stores with products also are changing. Brands are demanding that retailers show results in the same way that traditional publishers do. “Retail media from a brand perspective…they are our biggest partners, our biggest customers. They are […]


Dotdash Meredith Relishes Cookiepocalypse With Intent Targeting & Panels

MARCO ISLAND, FL — The digital advertising landscape is on the brink of a seismic shift, as the industry prepares for the inevitable deprecation of third-party cookies. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Patrick McCarthy, SVP of Programmatic Monetization, Dotdash Meredith, advocates for a reimagined programmatic business. While there is currently disruption, he believes the outcome can […]


IAB & MRC Retail Media Guidelines Aim To Advance Shoppable Ads: IAB’s Bustos

MARCO ISLAND, FL — With the proliferation of first-party data, retailers are no longer mere sellers; they’ve transformed into full-fledged media companies, wielding personalized messaging and closed-loop measurement to capture both online and in-store insights. This significant shift has brands and smaller retail platforms alike rethinking strategies to maintain relevance and drive consumer engagement. In this […]


AI Powers Personalized Experiences for Connected Consumers: iProspect’s Liz Rutgersson

MARCO ISLAND, FL – Generative artificial intelligence, the technology that powers popular apps such as ChatGPT and Dall-E, is being adopted by brands and agencies as part of their efforts to improve the effectiveness of media and marketing strategies. “What Gen AI does is helps us query performance both from a creative and media perspective […]


IAB Study Uncovers New Need To Articulate The Role of Ads In The Open Internet

MARCO ISLAND, FL — After a few years in which the rise of ad blockers and subscription content reframed advertising as intrusive, the digital ad industry’s umbrella body is coming out batting for the ad-supported internet. The IAB just released The Free and Open Ad-Supported Internet: Consumers, Content, and Assessing the Data Value Exchange, a […]


Streaming Ads Are Driving Results for Brands: Carat’s Mike Law

MARCO ISLAND, FL – Streaming services have given consumers more control over the television viewing experience, and that engagement is translating into better performance for advertisers. Marketers are gaining the ability to attain broader reach even as their audience targeting improves. “We’re seeing better targetability from streaming. It’s no longer just an addressable product. It’s […]


Unilever’s Sobol Switches On To AI-Driven TV Ads, Shoppable TV

MARCO ISLAND, FL — One of the world’s biggest consumer goods companies, one with a rich heritage in TV brand-building, is getting excited about the capabilities and tricks of the new, internet-powered TV. With brands like Persil and Cif, Unilever is a big media spender. In this video interview with Beet.TV at the IAB’s Annual […]


Cutting Carbon Emissions Requires Group Effort for Ad Industry: Scope3’s Kaitlin Leary

MARCO ISLAND, FL – Because media and marketing activities consume energy, they have a carbon footprint that can be measured. As information about these activities becomes more available throughout different supply chains, companies can see how their work indirectly produces greenhouse gas emissions. Consulting firm Scope3 aims to bring more transparency to these environmental effects. […]


Retail Media Networks Unify Goals for Brands, Merchants: Dentsu’s Brian Monahan

MARCO ISLAND, FL – Retailers that sell advertising have carved out a significant segment of the media marketplace. As retail media networks proliferate, survival will be determined by their ability to help brands achieve their marketing goals. In many cases, retailers and brands have the same objectives. “Really the name of the game is scale […]


Activision Blizzard Thinks Advertisers Should Pay Attention To Gamers’ Attention

MARCO ISLAND, FL — It is forecast to reach $109.6 billion globally this year – but can game advertising strike a balance between the urge to play and encouraging ad buyers to pay? As the gaming industry continues to explode, advertisers are drawn to the immersive and engaging world of games, seeking to captivate an […]


LiveRamp Acquired Habu To Make Data Integration User-Friendly: CEO Howe

MARCO ISLAND, FL — Why did data company LiveRamp acquire last month acquire Habu, one of the leading vendors behind the crop of clean room software suites? For Scott Howe, CEO, LiveRamp, it’s about fit and the future. In this video interview with Beet.TV at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting, Howe describes the deal and more […]


Ford’s Futurism: Steering Consumers Through An Era of Mistrust & AI Apprehension

MARCO ISLAND, FL — These days, selling cars isn’t just about, well, selling cars. For Ford, it is also about becoming a trusted brand in an age of mistrust and AI fear. In this video interview with Beet.TV at IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting, Jen Brace, Chief Futurist, Ford Motor Company, explains why modern auto marketing is […]


‘The Earth Is Literally On Fire’: Sharethrough’s Maguire Is Eager For A Second Green Media Summit

MARCO ISLAND, FL — The imperative for sustainability has never been more critical, and the advertising industry – with a range of impacts, including energy consumption from programmatic trading – has a role to play. In January, scientists warned carbon reduction targets could be missed without urgent intervention. In this video interview with Beet.TV at the […]


‘Total Commerce’ Needs A Shared Language: UM Worldwide’s Owen

MARCO ISLAND, FL — In an era where digital storefronts are just a click away, the lines between media and commerce are blurring. As consumers lounge in their living rooms, their favorite shows may soon double as the latest shopping platform. “Imagine you’re watching a TV show and someone was wearing a red dress and you […]

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