Streaming Ads Are Driving Results for Brands: Carat’s Mike Law

MARCO ISLAND, FL – Streaming services have given consumers more control over the television viewing experience, and that engagement is translating into better performance for advertisers. Marketers are gaining the ability to attain broader reach even as their audience targeting improves. “We’re seeing better targetability from streaming. It’s no longer just an addressable product. It’s […]


Carat’s Law Sees Optimism Amid Disruption On The Road To Cannes

With so many challenges out there facing marketers in the business environment, what is the outlook for advertisers and their agencies? Mike Law is heading to Cannes Lions with a spring in his step. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the US CEO of Carat, says disruption is driving better experiences and affection for marketing. […]


Rapid Shifts in Consumer Behavior Spur Ad Transformation: Cadillac’s Melissa Grady & Carat US’s Michael Law Chat with Project X’s Jon Watts

Consumers have more ways than ever before to get news, information and entertainment, challenging marketers to stand out with their latest advertising campaigns. The pandemic added to this transformation of the media marketplace as millions of people spent more time at home, connecting with the outside world through television, computer and mobile screens. Media consumption […]


Comcast, Dentsu, Disney, Effectv, Fox, Horizon, NBC, Mindshare, Nielsen, Omnicom, VAB & WarnerMedia Execs: Return of Live Sports Means New Opportunities for Marketers

Sports fans will find a way to watch their favorite players and teams despite significant disruptions, as seen in the past year. That commitment gives marketers a chance to connect with consumers even as they divide their viewing time among multiple devices. Amid these shifts, media and marketing executives from a variety of companies have […]


Younger Sports Fans Want More Control of Viewing: Amplifi’s Mike Law

Sports fans will find a way to watch their favorite players and teams, giving advertisers a way to participate in programming among a wider variety of devices. Amid the fragmentation of the media market, audience-based targeting is central to reaching those fans, especially younger consumers. “Whatever you’re a fan of today, you can find that […]


Sales, Sophistication & Simplicity: Amplifi’s Law On 2021 Advertising

If COVID-19 ravaged the world for many, it also seems to have laid the groundwork for change that was previously merely bubbling up. Case in point – newly-cautious brands, looking to prove the effectiveness of spending, appear keener to buy advertising that is based on real outcomes, something connected technology has been promising for the last […]


‘Buyers-First’ Mentality Drives Ad Sales Strategy: AMC’s Kim Kelleher

Editor’s Note:  We are republishing this highly candid, informative conversation between Mike Law and Kim Kelleher with an added introduction from Sean Cunningham, President and CEO of VAB. The VAB is partner to Beet.TV in this 12-part series.  This is one of four segments from the series we are re-publishing this month. We call this […]


Amplifi’s Mike Law: ‘Reach Is a Big Story in Today’s Marketplace’

As more precise data becomes available, there’s a greater importance on moving away from legacy behaviors and more towards understanding audience and reach. In a Beet.TV interview, Mike Law, president of Amplifi USA, explained how this comes from a balance between audience targeting tools and contextual marketing. Amplifi is a unit of the Dentsu Aegis […]


Programmatic TV Buying V. Supply And Demand: Prohaska, FOX, Dentsu Aegis, OATH

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—Fully IP-based television may be inevitable, but fully programmatic buying and selling of advertising inventory isn’t, according to buy- and sell-side executives who converged for a panel discussion at the recent Beet Retreat 2018. Moderated by consultant Matt Prohaska, the discussion touched on the eternal reality of supply versus demand in making […]


Amplifi’s Mike Law: Added Scale Makes Addressable TV ‘Much More Viable’

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Planning and executing addressable television campaigns still means pulling together a variety of resources, but if Xandr can help to simplify that it will further facilitate bringing TV into the lower part of the sales funnel, according to Mike Law. “We’ve really been optimistic about the space,” says Law, who is […]