LONDON, UK — YouTube had already graduated from its “skateboarding dog” phase. But can it cross the chasm from digital devices to the TV?

Well, “nearly half (45%) of all YouTube viewership takes place on TVs” and “time spent watching YouTube on TVs now exceeds any other individual network or streaming service”, according to this eMarketer grab bag of stats.

Speaking with me at The Future of TV Advertising Global 2023, presented by Index Exchange, Cadi Jones, Managing Director, EMEA, Pixability, says ad buyers are increasingly able to find what they want from YouTube on TV.

The Rise of CTV and YouTube’s Shift to Quality Content

“Nowadays, YouTube usage has really moved to TVs,” Jones says. “In the UK, specifically through the last three years, we’ve had this real period of change through the pandemic. People upgraded their TVs and got smart TVs, which are internet-connected.”

Jones asserts that brands can find quality broadcast content on YouTube on TV screens in the UK and across Europe.

She notes that while “how-to” content is likely to be consumed on mobile phones or laptops, more family viewing, the sort of things that you would sit down and watch on your sofa on an evening, is now also available on YouTube.

From Safety To Suitability

Pixability is a vendor of brand safety tooling for YouTube and other platforms. Jones joined in May 2023 after stints with Beeswax and Qmee.

According to Jones, the broad array of content on YouTube can make it challenging for advertisers to navigate. However, Pixability’s technology is designed to help brands and their agencies navigate this space and ensure they’re getting the right results for their campaigns.

Jones says “brand safety” concerns have somewhat been solved, giving way to a more mature conversation about “brand suitability” of content.

“Some brands very much only want to be appearing alongside quality broadcast-quality content environments in certain contextual categories. Other brands have much more flexibility,” she elaborates.

Looking Ahead With Insight

As part of the YouTube Measurement Partner Program (YTMP), Pixability provides insights for planning, facilitates activation and contextual targeting, and offers verification and measurement afterwards, Jones explains.

“Through that Google-accredited third-party program, brands can make sure that they’re holding Google and YouTube to account, making sure they are getting the right level of measurement and the right results for their campaign,” she says.

Going into 2024, among the developments exciting Jones are attention tracking, a partnership with Samba TV for targeted advertising based on linear TV consumption and an inclusive media offering that supports diverse communities.

“By focusing on partnerships with people who have these big portfolios of influencers, we’re able to build this out in a way that the influencers feel really comfortable receiving that support from the brands who want to engage with their communities.”

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