YouTube Is Maturing As A TV Ad Channel: Pixability’s Jones

LONDON, UK — YouTube had already graduated from its “skateboarding dog” phase. But can it cross the chasm from digital devices to the TV? Well, “nearly half (45%) of all YouTube viewership takes place on TVs” and “time spent watching YouTube on TVs now exceeds any other individual network or streaming service”, according to this […]


From Defense To Offense: Pixability’s Duffy Flips CTV Suitability On Its Head

When TV viewing and advertising begins to look and function like digital advertising, how safe is the environment for brands to be in? Brand safety concerns once plagued digital display and online video inventory. They have been somewhat soothed by brand safety software. But, as conected TV rises, some of the same concerns are arriving […]


Of Pods & Context: Mike Baker On CTV’s Opportunities For Improvement

The emerging world of connected TV (CTV) advertising often seems to create as many challenges as it does opportunities. Case in point – the ability to target ads in CTV also creates new management tasks around the traditional TV ad “pod”. That is according to one seasoned video ad-tech exec. In this video interview with […]


YouTube’s Evolution To A Media Monster: Tony Weisman

Once upon a time, it was derided as the platform for skateboarding dog videos. But now YouTube is the number-two streaming media platform on TVs and amongst the largest beneficiaries of connected TV advertising spend. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Pixability advisor and former Dunkin’ CMO Tony Weisman charts YouTube’s rise – and why […]


Brand Suitability Goes on the “”Offense,” Pixability’s Atwood

The brand suitability sector has been built around “defense” – providing safety to brand marketers.  This has changed as  the tools of brand suitability are being used in “offense,” making  advertising more efficient, says Brian Atwood, who has joined Pixability as CRO. Pixablity provides brand suitability tools for marketers buying on YouTube.  The scope of […]


Pixability’s George: From Walled Gardens To Connected TV

If anyone understands what it’s like to work inside one of the walled gardens, it’s David George, who left Facebook as Head of Mobile Publisher Solutions just over a year ago. Now as the CEO of Pixability, he’s helping to expand the company’s data and machine learning platform from social media giants like Facebook and […]


Pixability Expands Overseas And Into Advanced Television

COLOGNE – Pixability has built its business providing video advertising software across the walled gardens of the biggest social media platforms. Now it’s eying the over-the-top and connected-TV space as well, armed with a new offering that automates data analysis around video creative. “A lot of folks refer to us as the trade desk for […]


Pixability Looking To Add More Social Platforms, Sees Possibilities In OTT: CEO Hein

BOSTON – When placing video ads inside walled digital gardens, should you engage those gardens directly or through an intermediary? The direct route, according to Pixability’s Bettina Hein, comes with a fox and a henhouse. The Pixability story is concise: Many advertisers don’t want the lion’s share of their video ad dollars going to Facebook, […]