LONDON, UK — In discussions about how digitally-infused connected TV ads should feel and function, many have settled on the idea that they should mimic the traditional TV experience, with back-to-back 15- or 30-second ads.

Michael Bologna doesn’t think that’s going to cut it.

Bologna is Chief Accelerator, Brightline, a company offering interactive, dynamic and shoppable ad formats that realize the 90s’ dreams of interactive TV experiences.

DISH Media recently announced it would adopt Brightline’s formats.

Speaking to me at The Future of TV Advertising Global 2023, presented by Index Exchange, Bologna said the company will take that offering international in 2024.

Interactive Ad Units

Bologna believes that a different type of ad unit, built specifically for streaming views, is not only more suitable for the viewer, but also leverages the technological capabilities and functionalities of smart TV devices.

“It’s all about an immersive advertising experience that’s clickable, addressable dynamic,” he says.

Bologna emphasizes the importance of creating an immersive advertising experience that’s clickable, addressable, and dynamic.

Going Global

“We’re at Future Of TV Ads here in London because we Brightline is expanding our business globally over the course of 2024,” Bologna reveals.

“Everything that we’re doing in the US we’re hoping to expand with Sky and ITV and Channel 4 (in the UK).

“We’re already integrated with Samsung outside of the US, a company called 7West in Australia.

“We’re also launching, particularly here in Europe, a self-serve tool. The agency or the advertiser or the publisher can utilize the tool and do the creative implementation themselves if they choose.”

Bologna says Brightline aims to sign contracts in Q1 2024, followed by technical work in Q2 and full business in the second half of the 2024.

He says the aim is to help major multinational brands like Coca-Cola, GM and Unilever deliver interactive ads globally.

New Formats Arriving

Brightline has gained partnerships with the likes of Disney, NBC, Warner Bros Discovery, Roku and Samsung in the US.

“Most of the media community now in both the buy and the sell side, they want something different,” Bologna points out.

“How do you break through competition and clutter? You do something a little bit different.”

Although a brand is not expected to use interactive, dynamic or shoppable ads exclusively, they could be an appealing additional to the mix, given some advertisers’ increasing interest in boosting viewer engagement and achieving demonstrable outcomes.

Brightline recently launched a suite of new “Accelerator” ad formats it is calling “Pedal to the Metal“.

This suite focuses on gaming, trivia, enhanced shopability, and places an emphasis on data collection for improved targeting and analytics.

Formats include a Beat The Clock trivia quiz and Retail Connect.

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