NEW YORK – The popularity of internet-connected devices has given marketers more pathways to consumers, but the precious attention of those audiences is equally divided. This splintering of the media landscape has pushed advertisers to develop cross-platform strategies.

“The advanced video ecosystem is highly fragmented, confusing for a lot of clients,” Jay Askinasi, chief executive of Publicis Groupe’s PMX US, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields at Advertising Week New York. “We’re continuing to innovate and invest there and thinking about: how do we take what we’ve done in advanced video to streaming audio to local video and continue to grow that ecosystem?”

Data-driven ad strategies seek to improve the efficiency of campaigns, but improved audience targeting for television campaigns doesn’t necessarily mean consumers immediately will start shopping with every ad they see. Data-driven strategies also can build brand awareness “targeting different type of measurement: could be sales lift, could be brand lift,” Askinasi said, “but something that you’re actually able to say, ‘OK, this household or this individual received an ad, took an action.’”