NEW YORK – Connected television is becoming the most important video platform for advertisers with the adoption of programmatic media buying. These automated transactions will depend on a variety of supporting technologies to help brands identify the households they want to reach while also respecting consumer privacy.

“CTV remains a super exciting area for us,” Frost Prioleau, chief executive of ad-tech company, said in this interview with Beet.TV’s Andy Plesser at Advertising Week New York. “We find our advertisers continuing to look for attribution and measurement across different media types.” has workflow software for agencies and advertisers that want to execute omnichannel solutions among social, search, programmatic and others. Integrating that capability with its demand-side platform helps media buyers to work more efficiently.

“We’ve got some interesting things going in localized retail media as well, where we have some capabilities in local that are very interesting to a set of the retail media buyers,” Prioleau said.

Retailers not only buy media to reach consumers, but they’re also making a significant push into selling advertising space on their websites. is working with them.

“There are many retailers who have fantastic localized data and they’re looking at ways to leverage that data and build a media business, an ad network really around that,” Prioleau said. “That’s where we really fit into the retail media landscape.”