Connected Television, Retail Media Are Key Growth Areas:’s Frost Prioleau

NEW YORK – Connected television is becoming the most important video platform for advertisers with the adoption of programmatic media buying. These automated transactions will depend on a variety of supporting technologies to help brands identify the households they want to reach while also respecting consumer privacy. “CTV remains a super exciting area for us,” […]


Blackstone’s Investment in Marks Latest Stage of Private Equity Funding

FORT WORTH, Texas – Blackstone Group today announced an investment in that values the ad-tech firm at $1.5 billion, marking the latest stage in its growth since its founding in 2010. For Frost Prioleau, chief executive of, the Blackstone investment follows a series of partnerships with investors that have provided strategic know-how in addition […]


DSPs Need Full Transparency:’s Prioleau

FORT WORTH  –  Connected TV has the ability to target TV ads at the household level – but, because households in a given area are often similar, often what that means is that ad buyers target local areas by proxy. That is reigniting the practice of local ad sales, even for national brands that, previously, […]


National Is Now Local: 2020 Ad Trends With’s Prioleau

Will 2020 end up looking like a “V”, a hockey stick or a cliff edge? So far, the advertising industry has been whacked by the COVID-19 pandemic. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Frost Prioleau, CEO of, a local-focused programmatic ad platform, gets under the hood of current ad trends, which some sectors […]


OTT, Connected TV ‘A Huge Rollout’ For CEO Prioleau

Within the past year, has moved into household-level advertising targeting and brought its digital advertising targeting strategies to OTT and connected TV, says CEO Frost Prioleau. OTT and connected TV “has been a huge rollout for us where we rolled out all our digital advertising targeting strategies, including behavioral targeting and demographic targeting,” Prioleau explains […] Bringing Programmatic To Local Media

PALM SPRINGS, Calif —  To date, the biggest beneficiaries of programmatic digital ad buying have been the larger ad buyers, those which are buying at such scale that every efficiency adds up to a big gain. But an emerging school of thought has it that the next wave of digital ad targeting growth won’t come […]


Following Geo Fencing Launch, DSP Eyes Localized Native Ads

BOSTON – To bring the power of programmatic advertising to marketers with localized targeting needs, unstructured data beats pre-packaged audience segments, says Frost Prioleau, CEO of demand-side platform It’s a mantra that is fueling’s expansion into more precise measurement of mobile foot traffic and, very shortly, localized native advertising. Within the realm of […]