Alternative media currencies aren’t just a “maybe” anymore – big media agencies are now leaning into buying media using the new numbers.

Dentsu announced today more than seven big-brand parent companies have bought ads through dentsu’s Data Enabled Linear TV Activation (DELTA) platform using VideoAmp.

In this video interview with Jon Watts for Beet.TV, Brad Stockton, SVP, US National Video Innovation, explains what is happening.

Forward steps

“It’s a really exciting progression,” Stockton says.

“It’s not just about a one-off campaign or just doing a couple buys here and there, but  an entire buy guaranteed on the same currency to truly understand how it’s performing and be able to really benchmark off of this. So it’s a really big step forward.

He credited publishers like NBCU, Paramount, MLB Network and Hallmark for having opened up their inventory to measurement by new currencies.

He says advertisers are enjoying seeing accountability in the shape of ad outcomes, like online and store visitation.

Brands Are Leaning Into Advanced Metrics, Newer Ad Formats: Dentsu’s Brad Stockton

Diversifying the Marketplace

Agencies giving a thumbs-up to alternative media currencies will be welcomed by the many new tech and measurement vendors that are aiming to augment traditional media measurement models.

A significant chunk of the industry goes on calling for an end to fragmented practices – but Stockton’s view shows that many are also seeking better alternatives.

Stockton is firmly in favor of a shift to a multi-currency marketplace in advertising.

“I don’t believe that monopolies should exist in this space,” he says.