Dentsu’s DELTA Attracts Advertisers To VideoAmp’s Currency

Alternative media currencies aren’t just a “maybe” anymore – big media agencies are now leaning into buying media using the new numbers. Dentsu announced today more than seven big-brand parent companies have bought ads through dentsu’s Data Enabled Linear TV Activation (DELTA) platform using VideoAmp. In this video interview with Jon Watts for Beet.TV, Brad […]


The Great CTV Data Disconnect: Innovid’s Helmreich

Connected TV advertising is supposed to provide brands the ability to optimize their campaigns in real time – just like they do in digital. So why are so many brands feel like they are blowing this opportunity? Dave Helmreich, Chief Commercial Officer at Innovid, says it’s a combination of fragmented data, and a slow-moving industry. […]


Diageo’s Teske Wants Faster, Better Ad Data

When you spend £3 billion ($3.6 billion) a year on marketing, you want it underpinned by solid data. Drinks maker Diageo upped its global marketing spend by 5.6% last year, including a record advertising and promotion spend of £545 million. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Patrick Teske, Director, Global Media Operations, Diageo, explains what […]


Mars Measuring-Up On Three Waves Of Data, Says Media Head Amram

In a high-speed, data-driven world, the demand for precise measurements in digital advertising has never been higher. With the rise of first-party data and the growing complexity of consumer metrics, advertising is exiting the era of broad strokes and entering a realm of razor-sharp focus. That’s where Ron Amram comes in. Previously head of media […]