In many ways, who ever ends up controlling the operating system for connected TV would seem to have a shot at all the TV ad spoils, or at least serve as a gatekeeper for TV ad budgets. But Tony Marlow, CMO of LG Ads, sees things a bit differently.

Owning the OS may be closer to controlling a web portal – a la Yahoo or AOL back in the day. Since increasingly, TV operators like LG are assuming control of consumers’ TV navigation and viewing paths, providing them hefty influence over what people watch, while enabling them to create new TV ad space.

“With modern connected television, the advertising opportunities that exist are not jsut the samt hat existed in traditional television,” he told me during a recent episode of my podcast Next in Media – which is produced in conjunction with Beet.TV. “Yes, there are TV commercials, the 15s and 30s, but when you start to talk about the UI and OS, there are native ad opportunities.”

Those opportunities are particularly interesting to streaming services and Hollywood studios, but could prove to be traffic firehoses for any number of brands.

Hear Tony talk about the CTV ad landscape, and much more here.

The video on this page is a short excerpt. Listen to the full interview on Next in Media here on Spotify or here on Apple Podcasts. Next in Media is produced in partnership with Beet.TV, presented by MiQ.