Advertisers are not ready for a post-cookie world. They are confused about coming state privacy laws. And while there’s little change of a national privacy law this year, there are lots of reasons for ad tech companies to be worried this summer.

These are just some of the big takeaways from the latest episode of Next in Media – the podcast I host in partnership with Beet.TV. I chatted with Jessica Lee, partner at the Loeb and Loeb, who chairs the law firm’s Privacy, Security & Data Innovations practice.

Lee painted a fairly stark picture of the level of readiness among brands, publishers and ad tech companies for regulation. A slew of state laws have been passed in the name of protecting consumers, and the threaten to have a serious impact on how online advertising works – including the California Privacy Rights Act, which will start to be enforced in a few short months.

“I think the industry understands there are laws on the books,” she said “But because these laws are so new and enforcement is so young, I don’t think we’ve seen the full impact yet,” she said.

California lawmakers, she said, are ready to move. “I get the sense they are very excited to start their enforcement.”

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