Loeb & Loeb’s Lee: Nobody is Ready For Digital Privacy Laws

Advertisers are not ready for a post-cookie world. They are confused about coming state privacy laws. And while there’s little change of a national privacy law this year, there are lots of reasons for ad tech companies to be worried this summer. These are just some of the big takeaways from the latest episode of […]


Horizon’s Campanelli: Why Uncertainty Defines This Year’s Upfront

The TV upfront buying mechanism has already endured a pandemic and a recession in the past few years. Now, throw in inflation, economic figures that run the gamut, and a writers strike, and you’re left with a market that nobody has ever seen before, let alone predict. “The key word is uncertainty,” said Dave Campanelli, […]


Rooster Teeth’s Levin: SVOD is the Toughest Business in Media

Rooster Teeth was supposed to own the YouTube ecosystem for gaming. Then the company was poised to build out an independent, viable subscription video service. Then the company was supposed to help AT&T learn gaming and Gen Z. Today, Rooster Teeth has evolved – or pivoted – to become a fan community for fans of […]


Why Consumers are Rejecting Most Brands’ Digital Ads – Mars’ Patilinet

Sorin Patilinet thinks the digital ad industry has a big problem. The Senior Director Consumer Insights at Mars said that consumers are going out of their way to block, skip and avoid brands’ online ads, to the degree that he considers it a “crisis.” “Ads are annoying,” Patilinet told me during the most recent episode […]


Instacart Sees Retail Media Graduating to Upper Funnel Tactics: Miller

Companies like Instacart have built huge ad businesses quickly, in large part due to their ability to drive immediate transactions right on their platforms. In fact Insider Intelligence pegs Walmart (42%) and Instacart (41%) as the two fastest growing ad vehicles in 2023. In a recent episode of Next in Media, Ali Miller, Instacart’s vice […]


Spotify May Use Tech From ‘Top Gun Maverick’ to Power AI Audio Ads: Vaughn

For a time, it was hard to tell just how serious Spotify was about advertising. Today, it seems increasingly clear the Swedish company wants to follow the Facebook and Google playbook. When it launched in the US, Spotify seemed fixated on using its advertising business to drive subscriptions. But overt the past few years, the audio giant […]


Roku Wants to Build the Ad Tech Platform for All of CTV: Miles Fisher

Roku is one of the top sellers of connected TV advertising. The company would like to become the main way the industry buys CTV – not just on Rokus. “We are a publisher and a platform,” Miles Fisher Sr. Director, Head of Growth & Platform Sales told me during a recent episode of my Next […]