Funny face filters and branded lenses have been a staple of Snap for years. It’s not fairly common for concert goers to add virtual images to their IRL experiences. And of course, people have been chasing around Pokemon in both the real and digital worlds for seven years.

But Adam Shlachter, Head of Marketing, Strategic & Brand Partnerships at Niantic, think the AR revolution has barely gotten started.I had Adam on the most recent episode of my podcast Next in Media – in partnership with, and found the conversation fascinating. Adam told me that while games have been the natural entry way for many consumers and brands to get comfortable with augmented reality, there is so much potential to unlock as the tech gets more ubiquitous. 

In fact, while the jury is still out on VR headsets, Adam is a big believer that some form of digital spectacles will gain adoption, and then it’s game on for AR.

“There’s all these other places where the tech fits,” he said. “There are so many ways brands can use this to enhance an experience.” From an out of home campaign to shopping to live events – “We think this extends to all forms of marketing.”

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