We have seen Joint Industry Committees (JICs) in Sweden and even now the US come together to try to crack cross-screen TV ad measurement.

Now the industry in Italy is doing the same.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Andrea Conte, Director, Product Development & Data, Publitalia ’80 (Mediaset), explains how the market there is shaping-up.

Joint Industry Committee’s role in measurement

In Italy, Auditel is the measurement agency for TV, and a Joint Industry Committee (JIC) in its own right, describing that as “a reciprocal-control organization that brings together all TV market players, namely broadcasters, advertisers, media agencies and media buyers”.

In April 2022, after a long journey, it launched Total Audience, a system for making cross-platform viewing data available at 6pm every day from a software dashboard.

“We have this very ambitious project, a multi-year roadmap where all the broadcasters participate and the aim is actually to find a way to measure cross linear and all the devices,” explains Conte.

The JIC also has projects around unique creative IDs, similar to id.org in the US or ClearCast in the UK. This allows advertisers to have a report across all the broadcasters and publishers that are part of this project, and most importantly across linear and OTT.

“It’s really about finding currency, finding standards with the major broadcasters in the countries,” concludes Conte.

Italian offering

Conte’s Publitalia 80 is a TV ad sales house inside Mediaset, able to sell inventory across its group’s 18 free-to-air channels, as well as online video, branded content and addressable TV, including live and on-demand.

“We do have linear insertion products, so we insert digital ad into linear stream. We do ad replacement of OTT streaming, so we insert digital ads where the break in linear were,” explains Conte.

Publitalia 80 boasts ADD+, a suite of display formats including:

  • interactive overlays.
  • in-frame windows.
  • a full TV website takeover.
  • digital video ads in linear TV.

Mediaset has an app using Europe’s HbbTV standard for hybrid broadcast/digital TV services.

Conte believes that linear and streaming are very much complementary, both in terms of users and advertising. “We see it in our everyday life as a user. We tend to use both in different times of the day, where we are not home, for example.”

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