Although achieving a better gender mix in business leadership positions is a goal for most companies, sometimes the way to grow representation of women as a group is to focus on the individual.

That is according to Lisa Coffey, Global Chief Revenue Officer, LoopMe, one of the female leaders interviewed for Beet.TV’s series The Best of the Badass Bosses.

Speaking with research analyst Joanna O’Connell, Coffey says “hiring people smarter than me” and “empowering them” are the most important traits for a successful leader.

Focusing on people

Acknowledging the gender differences in leadership styles, Coffey asserts that ultimately, the key to success is to put people at the heart of your business. “If you put people at the heart of your business, good things will happen, results will come,” she said.

Coffey also shared her advice on how to effectively support employees: “Be focused on the people and the good things will happen, results will come.”

Coffey believes that understanding what is important to each individual and how they can contribute to the company in a meaningful way is crucial to creating a workplace environment that works for the next generation.

She explains that starting with the individual and understanding their goals helps to create a sense of fulfilment and belonging within the company: “If people feel that they’re fulfilling what they like and what they’re interested in and how they want to have an impact on the world or the business, it changes their mindset.”

Closing the loop

Coffey held numerous ad sales positions with USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Time Inc and LinkedIn, and spend almost 11 years working on ad business development with Amazon. At a time when Amazon is cutting jobs, she has reached out to spotlight vacancies at her current company.

LoopMe is a decade-old company with offices around the world. It previously unveiled a product upgrade aimed at using real, observed data points about consumer outcomes that flow from ad exposure to course-correct connected TV ad campaigns mid-flight.

LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop aims to go beyond “proxy” ad metrics like views and click-throughs by using a massive audience data pool and AI algorithms to identify real uplift outcomes like awareness, consideration, favorability, intent, foot traffic and offline sales.

For example, the company previously helped Audi drive a 31% increase in visits to LA dealerships, by using ad and mobile location data to recalibrate the brand’s ads.

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