AI Can ‘Supercharge’ Brand Advertising: LoopMe’s Cukierman

CANNES — In an era where media is becoming increasingly fragmented and outcomes-focused, LoopMe is leveraging artificial intelligence to bring the power of brand advertising to new platforms. The company uses technology and surveys to uncover ad effectiveness. In this video interview with Jonathan Steuer for Beet.TV, Rob Cukierman, LoopMe’s GM of Measurement & Product […]


Close The Loop To Measure Up: LoopMe’s Coffey Says Brands Are Refocusing On Incremenality

CANNES — In this economy, more CMOs are being asked to prove the results of their ad spending. But outcomes can be about more than just making a sale. Speaking with Jonathan Steuer for Beet.TV in Cannes, Lisa Coffey, Global Chief Revenue Officer at LoopMe, underlines the growing importance of incrementality in the world of […]


People First: How LoopMe’s Coffey Gets Results Through Relationships

Although achieving a better gender mix in business leadership positions is a goal for most companies, sometimes the way to grow representation of women as a group is to focus on the individual. That is according to Lisa Coffey, Global Chief Revenue Officer, LoopMe, one of the female leaders interviewed for Beet.TV’s series The Best of […]


Smart Surveys Prove Ad Impact In Times Of Turmoil: LoopMe’s Upstone

In tough economic times, ad spend could be kept up if buyers can see data evidencing their impact. The industry has a swathe of companies aiming to provide that evidence. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Stephen Upstone, CEO and founder, LoopMe, explains his approach. Surveys as ads “We ran about a hundred million surveys […]


LoopMe Mulls M&A, IPO & New Products After $120 Million Funding Round

LONDON — LoopMe, an outcomes-based advertising platform, plans several new outcomes for itself, after taking a big $120 million funding round. The new money comes from Mayfair Equity Partners and values LoopMe at $200 million. Previous rounds had totalled $32.2 million, according to Crunchbase. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Stephen Upstone, CEO and Founder, […]


Close The CTV Loop With Outcome Data: LoopMe’s Upstone

LONDON — Too many ad campaigns are ineffective and wasteful because they are not using available audience signals to better target. That’s according to one ad exec who says he knows how to close the loop. “We were talking with some large agency groups over the last couple of years, and when you measure TV […]