Close The Loop To Measure Up: LoopMe’s Coffey Says Brands Are Refocusing On Incremenality

CANNES — In this economy, more CMOs are being asked to prove the results of their ad spending. But outcomes can be about more than just making a sale. Speaking with Jonathan Steuer for Beet.TV in Cannes, Lisa Coffey, Global Chief Revenue Officer at LoopMe, underlines the growing importance of incrementality in the world of […]


People First: How LoopMe’s Coffey Gets Results Through Relationships

Although achieving a better gender mix in business leadership positions is a goal for most companies, sometimes the way to grow representation of women as a group is to focus on the individual. That is according to Lisa Coffey, Global Chief Revenue Officer, LoopMe, one of the female leaders interviewed for Beet.TV’s series The Best of […]