Clean Rooms Will Power Collaborative TV Ad Reporting: DISH Media’s Bokhari

LAS VEGAS — Respective privacy imperatives is just a first-order effect of the new category of “clean room” data technology. Early adopters of the software are now starting to imagine the downstream transformations which the emerging tech can enable. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kemal Bokhari, Head of Data, Measurement & Analytics, DISH Media, […]


Data Clean Rooms Help Create Smarter Advertising: L’Oréal’s Shenan Reed

LAS VEGAS – Marketers are working to get ahead of the growing patchwork of consumer privacy laws by adopting a variety of technologies including audience identifiers and data clean rooms (DCRs). For beauty giant L’Oréal, clean rooms have helped to improve the outcomes of its advertising campaigns by matching its vast trove of first-party data […]


Identity Resolution Is A Prerequisite To Data Clean Rooms: TransUnion’s Spiegel

LAS VEGAS — In 2023, “clean rooms” are getting plenty of attention in a media and advertising industry seeking ways to collaborate with data. The tech lets partners work on connecting datasets – without sharing privacy-sensitive parts. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Matt Spiegel, EVP, Media & Entertainment Vertical, TransUnion, says “clean room” […]


Hershey’s Rinaldi Is Sweet On Clean Rooms For Attribution Insights

LAS VEGAS — One of the world’s largest chocolate manufacturers likes the taste of a new tech category designed to enable data collaboration while maintaining privacy compliance – but The Hershey Company is also warning of a looming after-taste. “Clean room” software is gaining adoption in media and advertising for allowing partners to work with […]


How To Harness The Evolution Of Clean Rooms: Habu’s Stratton

LAS VEGAS — Not everyone would describe software for privacy-compliant data integration and enablement as “exciting”. But that is exactly what a growing number of people in media and advertising are saying about the emerging category of “clean rooms”. In this video interview with Beet.TV, a vendor of one such solution says the tech has […]


Clean Room Tech Powering TelevisaUnivision’s First ‘Hispanic Graph’ Agency Integration

LAS VEGAS — If advertisers are better able to target Hispanic audiences, new “clean room” software could have something to do with it. TelevisaUnivision launched a Hispanic household identity graph at its 2022 upfronts pitch. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Brian Lin, SVP, Product Management & Advanced Advertising, TelevisaUnivision, says the new category of […]


Albertsons’ New Media Network Does Data Integration In The ‘Co-Op Garden’

LAS VEGAS — One of the new crop of retail media networks is gung-ho for a new software category it thinks can allow it to prove the worth of CPG brands’ ad spend. Grocery chain Albertsons Companies, which launched Albertsons Media Collective in 2021, is using “clean room” technology, which allows partners to collaborate using […]


‘Sky’s The Limit’ For Clean Room Use Cases: Roku’s Ben Youssef

LAS VEGAS — Roku hopes to unveil a series of clean room integrations with its partners by the end of this Q1 2023. Clean room technology allows media buyers and sellers to match their consumer data without directly sharing it with each other. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Youssef Ben-Youssef, Head of Ad Platform, […]


Not All Clean Rooms Are Equal: Choreograph’s Olivieri

LAS VEGAS — “Clean room” software is emerging to help companies re-establish the ability to benefit from data integration in a privacy-first world. But the tech’s use cases are more diverse than many may think. That is according to Krystal Olivieri, Global Chief Innovation Officer, GroupM & Choreograph, who has been a keen clean room […]


Best Buy Runs Faster To The Clean Room: Mark Heitke

LAS VEGAS — Can electronics retailer Best Buy help tech firms like Samsung and Google prove the worth of their partnerships? Mark Heitke thinks new “clean room” software could help answer that question. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Heitke, Director, Ad Products & Audience Strategy, Best Buy Ads, explains how the tech allows Best […]


Clean Rooms Are Even Powering Internal Data Collaboration: Annalect’s Gitlin

LAS VEGAS — They may be commonly used to allow different companies to collaborate on audience data sets without sharing them – but “clean rooms” could even find use within a single company. Clean room technology allows media buyers and sellers to match their consumer data without directly sharing it with each other. With privacy […]


Disney’s McGraw Sees Maturing Adoption For Ad Clean Rooms

LAS VEGAS — When you have a footprint the size of Disney’s, data collaboration is a necessity. But the new privacy environment makes sharing audience data understandably limited. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Dana McGraw, SVP, Audience Modelling & Data Science, The Walt Disney Company, explains how new “clean room” software is moving the […]


GM’s Kapoor Is Kicking The Tires Of Ad Clean Rooms

LAS VEGAS — General Motors wants to respect its audiences’ privacy – and it is testing-out new tech to do it. “Clean rooms are, from my perspective, the future,” says Ajay Kapoor, Global Director, Performance-Driven Marketing, GM, In this video interview with Beet.TV. Kapoor says marketers like him are trying out the emerging software category. […]


Pinterest Loves ‘The Beauty Of Clean Rooms’: Sweeney

LAS VEGAS — For a platform that majors on interior-design photography, there are a great many rooms on Pinterest. But Carrie Sweeney, Industry Lead, Retail, Pinterest, is currently fixated on this season’s other hottest trend – data clean room software that enables privacy-compliant media partner collaboration. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sweeney explains why Pinterest […]


Clean Rooms Move The Needle Without Moving Data: Fox’s Sherriff

LAS VEGAS — Despite privacy regulation and the deprecation of digital identifiers, publishers and ad buyers are finding new ways to tap into their audiences. In fact, “clean room” technology is allowing them to collaborate with audience data in a way that doesn’t require moving it. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Darren Sherriff, VP, […]


Innovation & Ownership: Data Clean Room Trends, From Habu’s Kilmartin

LAS VEGAS — It may be the piece of software many marketers wish they didn’t need to have – but data clean rooms are helping advertisers transform what they can do with audience and customer information. Clean room technology allows media buyers and sellers to match their consumer data without directly sharing it with each […]