Attention Metrics Offer Improved Consumer Insights for Advertisers: dentsu X’s Leah Meranus

CANNES – Consumers are dividing their time among a bigger selection of media channels and connected devices, and it’s not always clear whether they’re paying attention to advertisements that appear among their preferred choices of content. This uncertainty has spurred greater interest in measuring attention. “Marketers really need to start focusing on attention as a […]


The Quest For The Leading Indicator: Hilton’s CMO Wants Proof Of Attention

CANNES — When you’re spending hundreds of millions of dollars, you tend to want to see a provable return on investment. That is why so many marketers are now searching for more meaning from their ad metrics that than proxy datapoints. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mark Weinstein, CMO, Hilton, explains why he wants […]


Attention Is Everything: WMX’s Moran On Attracting Younger Audiences

CANNES — If it is harder than ever to capture younger people’s attention, spare a thought for Erin Moran. As Global Chief Revenue Officer, WMX, Moran is growing Warner Music Group’s new division combining several audience-facing content plays, with an advertising opportunity in tow. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV editorial advisor Jon Watts, […]


Measuring Attention to Ads Has Most Meaning in Sales Results: Carat’s Michael Law

CANNES – Today’s consumers see or hear dozens of advertisements throughout the day among a growing variety of media channels, challenging marketers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Attention metrics have become more significant, especially for any insights into driving business outcomes such as sales. “We can now trade on Attentive CPMs [cost per […]


Brands Have More Power to Engage Diverse Audiences as Media Choices Multiply: dentsu Media’s Mark Prince

CANNES – The popularity of streaming video on connected devices has led to greater fragmentation of the media marketplace. Consumers can choose how and when they spend time watching their favorite shows, and don’t have to tune into scheduled programming unless they want to see live news, sports or events. Amid this segmented viewing, brands […]


Kroger Pilots Dentsu’s Attention Metric As An Upgrade Over Viewability

CANNES — Supermarket chain Kroger is readying to pilot a brand new way to measure the performance of its ads across Facebook and Google, after agreeing on a test with media agency group Dentsu. The retailer will begin measuring the “attention” consumers give its ads, based on work Dentsu has been doing over the last […]


Measuring People’s Attention to Ads Includes All Their Senses: dentsu Media’s Doug Rozen

CANNES – Consumers have a variety of ways to view video programming and listen to audio content, often at the same time as they keep their smartphones nearby while watching television. This behavior is challenging advertisers to measure not only if their advertising was seen or heard, but also if it captured the attention of […]


For Mastercard’s Rajamannar, Multi-Sensory Marketing Is Priceless

CANNES – If you thought Mastercard’s brand revision was just about the logo, think again, listen up or… have a sniff. For Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing Communications Officer & President, Healthcare Business, Mastercard, marketing has to go “multi-sensory”. That means appealing to ears, noses, tastebuds and skin receptors. Sensory clutter “When we are trying to reach […]


Warner Music’s WMX Prepping OTT Service, And Brands Are Invited

CANNES – A year after creating a new division wrapping together its various content plays, Warner Music Group is also working on launching its own over-the-top (OTT) TV offering. WMG launched WMX in November, transforming the former WEA (Warner, Elektra, Atlantic) division as a services unit, describing it as “a next generation services division that will connect […]