Even as subscription OTT TV services go on growing, the rise of ad-funded TV platforms is producing a growing number of digital TV ads.

For some in the industry, that is a blessing but also a curse.

In this video interview with editorial advisor Jon Watts for Beet.TV, Comcast Technology Solutions’ VP and GM Richard Nunn explains why current systems need to connect up to manage the coming expansion.

Ad expansion coming

“What we’re seeing from a numbers perspective is, over the next three to five years, about a 7X increase in ad volume, driven by obviously a lot of the emerging channels that we’re now seeing, OTT and CTV and addressability,” Nunn says.

“If you throw on personalization on top of that, those numbers get very, very large indeed. The current manual processes that you allude to really are struggling to deal with that scale.

“That challenge of scale, which is a challenge that the industry has to face and become a lot more standardised.”

Changing it up

Comcast’s footprint includes NBC and Sky, a cable division and ad-tech including FreeWheel.

The division offers a host of solutions to bring infrastructure to the digital TV world.

Comcast Technology Solutions recently published a report, What’s Next For TV Advertising?, detailing four changes that will happen in the next five years:

  1. Addressable becomes a reality
  2. Workflows get automated
  3. Standards are helped to scale
  4. Data will differentiate measurement abilities

Thirst for scale

“Today it’s very siloed where you have linear and digital technology,” Nunn continues. “You can start to bridge that divide for sure.

“But the opportunities really are about the automation that will drive the solutions to deal with that advertiser volume, as well as advertiser scale as well, and bringing together a lot of these point-based solutions in an aggregated platform that gives you complete transparency around where and what an asset has done, where it’s landed.

“It really helps solve that challenge of scale, which the industry has to face and become a lot more standardized.”

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