A few years after P&G’s marketing chief called for a massive clean-up of the advertising ecosystem, how is the multi-national; company faring?

In this video interview with Zach Leonard for Beet.TV, the company’s senior director of global brand building and media innovation, Eric Austin, explains his approach.

Guiding lights

He has “three guiding principles” for how the company approaches the topic…

  1. Explicit consent.
  2. Transparency.
  3. Proportionality.

“We only collect data that we want to use that we’re going to use,” Austin says. “It’s all about the value exchange.

“If we’re delivering a superior value to the consumer, then they’re going to be more receptive in providing data to us to elevate the brand experience.”

The trouble with scale

When you are company with the footprint of P&G, however, ensuring you live by those principles can be tricky.

“It’s a vast ecosystem system,” Austin admits. “It’s not only just our internal ecosystem with the number of brands that we have in our portfolio and individual pockets of businesses, touching data.

“When you extend that out into the ecosystem, into the publishers and the SSPs and the DSPs, it is a challenge to reinforce these.”

Closing the loop

But Austin says the company has had “good success” in encouraging partners to live by its principles.

Next up, he is happily engaging with buying ad formats that have more “richness” than in years gone by.

But Austin is also looking beyond the creative.

“What I’m most excited about is the measurement being able to close the loop and now match our media impressions with what sales signals to be able to optimise our media,” he says.

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