LOS ANGELES – The increasingly fragmented media market is challenging marketers to find ways to measure the performance of their campaigns and find the best value from their ad buys. Media companies that compete for those dollars can help the market to grow by cooperating on common standards for metrics, attribution, interoperability and privacy-compliant identifiers.

“What will make them successful collectively is what will make them successful individually,” Pooja Midha, chief growth officer at Comcast Advertising, said in this discussion with consultant Zach Rodgers at Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat. “No one is doing business with just one media provider.”

Proof of Value

Common industry standards provide a foundation for more advanced analysis of the value of media. Instead of fixating on price, media buyers and sellers can consider other attributes of effective campaigns.

“When it’s very hard to prove value, or if value is unclear, or it’s hard to evaluate two things along the same yardstick and thereby compare them, then the thing you default to is price,” Midha said. “That’s how price gets so in the middle of things.”

She said she sees room for improvement and greater efficiencies through the television marketplace that would help to deliver that value to advertisers.

“We definitely have to solve the workflow issues, and how we make all this tech interoperable is a big piece of it, but all of it comes down to value and proof of value,” Midha said. “You need to understand who you’re reaching, and the impact you’re having and to be able to understand that across as well as within a distinct campaign or screen.”

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