Measurement in an omni-channel media world is increasingly complex with the changes in  cookies, mobile identifiers and new privacy regulation.   But what is he personal, unbiased impact of advertising?  For GroupM’s Mindshare, it’s about measuring “empathy” as registered by biometric feed back.

It’s called the NeuroLab and it’s the the largest longitudinal panel in the United States of its kind, says Shane McAndrew,  Mindshare’s Global Chief Data Strategy & Analytics Officer.  Launched in 2019, it has reached “empathy in scale,” he tells me in this podcast interview.

NeuroLab uses medical-grade EEG (electroencephalogram) and GSR (galvanic skin response) technology to measure second-by-second, non-conscious neurological responses to brand stories and media. The NeuroLab supplements the data from these neurological responses with pre-and-post Implicit Association Tasks (implicit bias testing), as well as quantitative survey responses.

We also cover data privacy, ethics, “clean rooms,” and the use of first party data.

Great conversation.

Thank you, Shane.

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