Addressable advertising that lets marketers target households through linear TV will help to enable automated media buying that’s similar to the digital ad marketplace. DISH Media sees the development as an extension of its past experience with programmatic sales for Sling, its over-the-top video service for households that have connected their TVs directly to the internet.

“With Sling, we’ve always had a programmatic-first approach, which is pretty different in the marketplace from some of the other OTT folks out there,” Dave Antonelli, director of Sling TV ad sales strategy at DISH Media, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “Over the past year, we’ve taken that approach and we’ve really expanded it into more of our traditional DISH business.”

This year, the company enabled video-on-demand inventory on set-top boxes and partnered with Verizon DSP, the telecommunications company’s demand-side platform (DSP) to offer linear addressable inventory.

“For us, the future of advertising is going to be impression-based,” Antonelli said. “Because of that, more and more inventory has to be made available programmatically.”

Source: Parks Associates

Addressable advertising offers marketers a way to harness a variety of audience and consumer datasets to improve targeting, helping to minimize wasteful media spending. Using deterministic data, which consists of first-party information about consumers, advertisers can target viewers through DISH’s satellite TV service and Sling’s OTT platform.

“Everything can be addressably targeted on Sling because we have impression-based advertising,” Antonelli said. “It really blends that world of linear television with digital, where we have a deterministic dataset. Using that deterministic dataset, we’re able to drill down and layer on targeted across the board.”

DISH works with a variety of sell-side platforms including SpotX to help facilitate programmatic-first campaigns for advertisers. As linear inventory opens to addressable buys, Antonelli foresees significant growth next year.

“When you have this higher demand and more addressably available content, you see programmatic buying as hugely important part of the way that we’re enabling people to access inventory,” he said. “That will continue to blossom through our SSP partners like SpotX.”

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