Stitching Together Nationwide Ad Reach: AMC’s Adlman

When it comes to improving on 2020, there is plenty to be hopeful for. On Evan Adlman’s holiday wishlist? Radically simpler infrastructure for selling addressable TV ads at national scale. In this video interview with Beet.TV, AMC Networks’ senior vice president of advanced advertising and digital partnerships says the TV company is already enabling brands […]


Pathway to National Addressable Ads Goes Through VOD: Discovery’s Steve Silvestri

Addressable advertising is on the cusp transforming national television as a variety of companies and coalitions develop ways for households to see different commercials while watching the same shows. For programmers like Discovery, the continued expansion of addressable advertising builds on its experience with delivering target audiences through linear and digital channels. “We’ve paid close […]


‘Scale Is There’ on Addressable TV: Essence’s Mike Fisher

Addressable advertising that lets marketers show different commercials to different households through linear TV is poised to become much more popular as national networks expand their targetable inventories. The development will make traditional TV more like digital channels. “Over the last 18 months, addressable has evolved to be something that buyers both on the agency […]


Programmatic-First Focus Applies to Addressable Ads: DISH’s Dave Antonelli

Addressable advertising that lets marketers target households through linear TV will help to enable automated media buying that’s similar to the digital ad marketplace. DISH Media sees the development as an extension of its past experience with programmatic sales for Sling, its over-the-top video service for households that have connected their TVs directly to the […]


CTV Becoming Mostly Programmatic: GroupM’s Moore

Despite promising to automate TV ad sales – a practice that, for decades, has been carried out manually – programmatic ad sales, even in connected TV (CTV) environments, have remained considerable hands-on. But now we are reaching a tipping point where the majority of CTV ad sales will be programmatically traded. At least, that will […]


‘Sky’s the Limit’ on Addressable Ad Growth: SpotX’s Matt McLeggon

Addressable advertising that lets marketers target individual households on linear TV will revolutionize the way broadcast networks sell their commercial inventories and fuel higher spending. With TV ratings company Nielsen last month saying it would start measuring addressable ads on a national basis next year, a major barrier to spending growth will recede. “What we […]