Criteo’s Gleason: Privacy Sandbox Reimagines Open Web Currency

The deprecation of third-party cookies and emergence of new privacy technologies like Google’s Privacy Sandbox will significantly disrupt the historic “currency” by which advertising on the open web is traded. That is the view of Criteo’s global chief revenue officer Brian Gleason, who says the industry now needs to come together to rethink how it […]


Albertsons Takes On Criteo Tech To Enhance Offering In ‘Amazing 2024’ For Retail Media

LAS VEGAS — Two of the big companies in the retail media space are partnering to enhance their opportunity. Albertsons Media Collective, the retail media arm of the Albertsons grocery store chain, is hooking up with Criteo, a commerce media enablement vendor. In this video interview with Jon Watts for Beet.TV, Brian Gleason, Global Chief […]


Commerce Media Unleashes Trillion-Dollar Opportunity for Publishers: Criteo’s Meehan

CANNES — In the fast-paced world of digital media, commerce media is emerging as a golden opportunity for publishers. That is according to Joseph Meehan. In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Meehan, GM, Commerce Supply at Criteo, says this new field offers a $50 billion incremental opportunity for publishers. A New Frontier for […]


Retail Media Requires Relevance, And AI Could Help: Criteo’s Fischli

CANNES — Retail media is on the verge of exploding and scaling, as offsite and in-store segments experience significant growth. In this video interview for Beet.TV with CIMM MD Jon Watts at Cannes Lions 2023, Marc Fischli, Executive Managing Director EMEA at Criteo says sees this as an exciting development for the industry. Retail media is poised to […]


Criteo’s Smith On The Data-Driven Evolution Of Retail Media

CANNES — It may be one of the industry’s hottest new topics – but retail media isn’t necessarily as new as many people may think. In fact, the trend has been doing the rounds for a couple of decades now. In this video interview with Beet.TV at Cannes Lions, Sherry Smith, GM of Global Enterprise […]


Retail Media: A Rapidly Growing Ecosystem With A Bright Future

CANNES — There is a tremendous amount of excitement surrounding retail media, and for good reason. The category is growing rapidly, with projections to reach $132 billion. In this interview with CIMM MD Jon Watts at Cannes Lions for Beet.TV, Brian Gleason, Global Chief Revenue Officer of Criteo, discusses the reasons for this buzz and […]


Retail Media Is Going Omni-Channel: Criteo’s Gleason

It may have been kickstarted by ecommerce operators capitalizing on digital shelf space – but the “retail media” boom isn’t staying confined to the consumer screen. Next-up, retailers are making use of in-store ad opportunities – and that means many of them will want to link up the physical and digital journey. In this video […]


Retail Media Go Beyond Revenue, To Customer Connection: Criteo’s Smith

LAS VEGAS – One after the other, more digital retailers in the last couple of years have begun turning their virtual shelf space into ad inventory. But the retail media wave doesn’t have to all be about digital ecommerce. In this video interview with industry analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Sherry Smith, GM, Global Enterprise, […]


What’s Next In Retail Media: Criteo’s Kulik

Amazon’s ad sales may have grown 19% annually to $11.6 billion for Q4 alone – but “retail media” isn’t just about the big retailers anymore. A growing number of retailers are converting their shelf space – whether digital or physical – into ad inventory. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Katie Kulik, Executive Managing Director, […]


Criteo’s IPONWEB Acquisition Fuels First-Party, Open-Internet Future: CEO Clarken

PARIS – If Criteo wanted to build itself a bridge to the post-cookie future, it could do worse than acquiring the company that built much of contemporary ad-tech. That’s what the French company is aiming to do with its proposed $380 million of IPONWEB. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Criteo CEO Megan Clarken explains […]


Criteo is Growing its Massive Identity Graph with First-Party Data

Criteo, which is widely known as a global powerhouse in retargeting, will leverage its massive database of 2.5 billion active shoppers to prepare for a cookie-free world. This efforts are manifest at Criteo, and with the work it’s doing notably with The Trade Desk and Google, explains Megan Clarken, CEO in this interview with Matt Prohaska for Beet.TV She explains the importance of […]


Criteo’s Roswech Wants To Help Retailers Compete With Amazon’s Ad Might

2018 was the year Amazon became the number-three digital ad platform in the US, according to eMarketer‘s analysis. But that is a fraction of the platform’s overall revenue, led by retail sales. At the nexus of those two channels, Criteo, an advertising technology platform best known for offering retargeting capabilities, is trying to help smaller […]


Criteo’s Spilman: Xandr’s Relevance Is ‘Right Time, Right Message’

SANTA BARBARA, CA – One of the big challenges for brands is being relevant in an environment of “continuous partial attention” on the part of consumers. That wasn’t an issue for AT&T at its recent Xandr Relevance Conference, according to Criteo’s Mollie Spilman. “They’re trying to pull off something really unique, but I can tell […]


Zenith’s Bonori On How Machine Learning Helps Drive Real-Time Marketing

COLOGNE – Clients want their agencies to be as far upstream as possible in the planning process and are taking a more holistic approach to performance goals, says Vittorio Bonori, Global Brand President of Zenith, which is “obsessed” with performance. “Because for the first time commerce and communication are converging, we can really track performance […]


Matt Prohaska Traces The Arc Of Criteo’s Success Path

COLOGNE – Criteo is a company that has “run wild and done very, very well making efficiency out of inefficiency,” observes Matt Prohaska, the former BBDO executive who now runs Prohaska Consulting. So it’s not a question of whether Criteo succeeds going forward but how, he says in this interview with Beet.TV at the annual […]


Adjust: A ‘Fluid Data System’ Built On App Ad Campaign Activity

COLOGNE – As mobile marketing KPI’s have evolved over the last several years, advertisers are getting “way more transparency than they ever had,” says Adjust CEO & Co-Founder Christian Henschel. Adjust’s SDK resides within its customers’ apps and “we transfer the data to our platform and then help our customers to understand what kind of […]


Search Yields Consumer Intent, Lifetime Value: Reprise Digital’s Ellis

COLOGNE – Given the headline-grabbing allure of advanced television, things like organic and paid search can get overlooked. But search is still one of the best sources of human intent and can provide long-term customer value beyond initial purchases. So says Craig Ellis, Global COO of the IPG agency Reprise Digital, in this interview with […]


Pixability Expands Overseas And Into Advanced Television

COLOGNE – Pixability has built its business providing video advertising software across the walled gardens of the biggest social media platforms. Now it’s eying the over-the-top and connected-TV space as well, armed with a new offering that automates data analysis around video creative. “A lot of folks refer to us as the trade desk for […]


Desire For Transparency Drives Marketers In-House: OMD Global’s Adamski

COLOGNE – Brand marketers’ desire to bring functions in-house isn’t necessarily new for advertising or media agencies, but one of the more challenging ramifications of clients’ quest for brand safety is in-housing activities the agencies used to handle. “Transparency still is a huge, huge issue,” OMD Global CEO Florian Adamski says in this interview with Beet.TV […]

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