If COVID-19 ravaged the world for many, it also seems to have laid the groundwork for change that was previously merely bubbling up.

Case in point – newly-cautious brands, looking to prove the effectiveness of spending, appear keener to buy advertising that is based on real outcomes, something connected technology has been promising for the last couple of years.

So, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Amplifi’s USA president Mike Law says 2021 is shaping up to be a year when such schemes are committed to.

Outcomes on the rise

“What is exciting about going into next year is really the scale and the pace at which things have changed over the past nine months,” he says.

“COVID accelerated a lot of the ways that we needed to buy media across all channels but, in particular in the connected (TV) space. We saw more and more consumers moving to streaming; it really highlighted it for ad buyers, ad sellers, and for our clients to see what that change look like.

“Going into next year, the hopes of scaled, connected TV buying, the growth of addressable TV, the ability to continue to use better data to target linear television – these are things that we’ve been trying to do and wanting to do over the past few years, but there’s no better time than 2021.”

Dentsu’s path

Amplifi is the media innovation and investment arm of Dentsu.

Amplifi’s goal is to help the whole of Dentsu identify and generate value across all media opportunities. It works on investment, global media partnerships, Dentsu’s Amnet programmatic group, its Story Lab entertainment company and commercial teams.

Dentsu-owned Merkle has recently been building out its identity chops, off the back of its Merkury.

It is an identity graph platform covering 96% of US adults aged over 18 that includes associated email addresses, device identifiers like cookies and device IDs.

Simplify the system

Law sees an opportunity to help brands that have become concerned about performance, saying: “I think we really need to start talking about effectiveness and business outcomes.”

But he also doesn’t want the opportunity to be overly complicated.

Asked what one message he would advocate to publishers and broadcasters, Law responds: “Simplification.

“There are so many great options that exist inside the marketplace. And I think for buyers and for clients to begin to digest that and figure out, ‘How do we actually attack this marketplace?’ … I think, simplification. ”

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