National Addressable Is A Game-Changer: ViacomCBS’ Dean

Steadily, national US television is learning the same kind of ad tricks that local cable has enjoyed for some time – but the end result could be so much greater. ViacomCBS this month heralded a “breakthrough” when it delivered what it called the “first ever” addressable ad impressions in live national broadcast TV via a […]


Sales, Sophistication & Simplicity: Amplifi’s Law On 2021 Advertising

If COVID-19 ravaged the world for many, it also seems to have laid the groundwork for change that was previously merely bubbling up. Case in point – newly-cautious brands, looking to prove the effectiveness of spending, appear keener to buy advertising that is based on real outcomes, something connected technology has been promising for the last […]


Open Marketplace Supports Growth in Addressable Ads: DISH Media’s Tim Myers

Addressable and advanced television advertising that lets marketers reach target audiences with more personalized commercials is on the verge of becoming more mainstream on national TV networks. This convergence of linear and digital media underscores the need for interoperable and transparent ways of doing business. “The TV industry is made up of hundreds, if not […]


National Addressable Enablement & Back-On-Track Outcomes Excite Horizon Media’s Rose

If fragmentation was the price of scale, would you take it or leave it? That’s the question many buyers of over-the-top (OTT) TV ads have been asking themselves. But, as more opportunities are lit up to deliver targeted ads across the entire US, some are swallowing the challenges – whilst hoping for a more straightforward […]


Marketers Seek Video Metrics for Cross-Platform Consumption: Amplifi’s Cara Lewis

Television advertising is undergoing a period of significant upheaval as viewers watch their favorite programming on a broader range of devices, including smartphones and TVs connected directly to the internet. Because video is everywhere, advertisers are looking for a way to tell where and when their ads are reaching viewers most effectively — and that’s […]


TV Measurement Is Key in 2021, Omnicom Media Group’s Matt Kramer

Matthew Kramer wants to sell brands on the power of connected TV – but the paucity of effective measurement is making it difficult, So the managing director or advanced advertising at Omnicom Media Group is making CTV measurement a focus for the year ahead. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kramer describes the problem – […]


In 2021, Kinesso’s Bernard Wants To Show Brands Proof Of Addressable Impact

If advanced TV ad targeting is to convince more big brands to switch money from conventional TV ad spend, it is going to have to show its effectiveness. Next year, Lauren Bernard wants to help it do just that. As VP, Marketplace Solutions at IPG’s Kinesso knows the medium is often caught between its potential […]


Addressable TV Can Overcome Challenges: Horizon Next’s Wallach-Baker

Advanced TV is the powerful medium that allows advertisers controls over buying TV ads, like targeting, frequency capping and measurement. So far, that promise has also been laced with complexity – connected TV can be as complicated as it is impactful. But Rachel Wallach-Baker, Horizon Next, SVP, Investment, sees improvements on the horizon. Level the […]


Addressable TV Gets Real In 2021: Magna Global’s Anson

If 2020 was the year when our foundation was shaken and reset, 2021 may be the year when substantive new growth can occur on top. That is to say, many trends which marketers got interested in last year and now ready to be adopted in earnest in the year ahead. In this video interview with […]


Marching To The Same North Stars: DISH’s Arrix On Addressable TV’s Moment

At the end of an otherwise “crazy” year, DISH Media sees a way forward after strong momentum in the growth of addressable TV ad sales. In June, DISH Media told Beet.TV it was selling 60% of ads programmatically. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kevin Arrix, Senior Vice President, DISH Media, says players in an […]