Television advertising is undergoing a period of significant upheaval as viewers watch their favorite programming on a broader range of devices, including smartphones and TVs connected directly to the internet. Because video is everywhere, advertisers are looking for a way to tell where and when their ads are reaching viewers most effectively — and that’s a challenge.

“We really need to solve for that holistic, cross-platform measurement in terms of measuring full video in the landscape,” Cara Lewis, executive vice president of video investment at Amplifi USA, a media buying agency owned by Dentsu.

She has seen a hesitancy among marketers to take a holistic view of video advertising because of challenges in cross-platform measurement. The marketplace has become more fragmented among linear and digital channels, making it more difficult to tell whether some viewers see the same ads too often, while others are missed.

Source: Deloitte

The industry needs to solve “frequency management in terms of connected TV and over-the-top, because there’s so many different vendors selling each other’s inventory,” Lewis said. “We really need to solve for that holistic, cross-platform measurement in terms of measuring full video in the landscape for our clients.”

TV ratings company Nielsen this month announced a plan to replace its measurement system by 2024 with a unified metric for traditional audiences and viewing of digital platforms such as streaming TV. It’s a massive undertaking that requires collaboration among marketing and media industries.

“Working together is only going to make the industry stronger,” Lewis said.

While she has seen dire predictions about the demise of TV and video advertising, especially as households subscribe to ad-free services like Netflix and Disney+, video content will always find an audience.

“Video is powerful, because video is content. If consumers weren’t before seeking out content, they’re 100% seeking out content now,” Lewis said. “They’re searching for what they want to watch. Video has evolved…but we just have to buy it and look at it holistically.”

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