The growing audience for connected TV services gives advertisers in the healthcare and drug industries more ways to reach medical professionals and their patients. Those advertisers also can improve their audience targeting with health information about consumers whose sensitive medical data are closely guarded with strict rules against unauthorized sharing.

The good news for healthcare marketers is that the data are “remarkably well organized,” Chris Paquette, co-founder and CEO of healthcare advertising technology company DeepIntent, said in this interview with Beet.TV. DeepIntent has developed “patient-modeled audiences” to help marketers reach consumers more efficiently.

The company’s platform also complies with laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which set national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the recently approved California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) have added more layers of regulation on data not covered by HIPAA.


“HIPAA is ubiquitous in the healthcare data space, and we take extraordinary measures to make sure that we’re being HIPAA-compliant,” Paquette said. “Because we deal with healthcare data, we’re 100% transparent about how we’re actually using the data.”

The company has developed a patent-pending solution to bring together disparate healthcare and marketing data, using artificial intelligence (AI) to perform modeling tasks that support condition-based marketing on smartphones, TVs or other connected gadgets.

“It’s a privacy-safe way to do condition-based targeting across any screen or device in the U.S.,” he said. “Audience quality as measured by third parties has been really spot-on. We’re 80% of the time the best performer on the media plan.”

Adding Measurement Tools

DeepIntent already has developed a demand-side platform (DSP) and planning tools for programmatic media buying, and this year will add a measurement platform to its suite of services. The addition of measurement tools will help to track benchmarks such as return on investment (ROI) from media buys.

“When you as a marketer run a campaign with us, you’ll be able to see for both patient campaigns and providers the actual efficacy and the ROI on your campaigns as it’s counted in number of scripts being written or in actual outcomes with patients,” Paquette said. “It’s going to be like no other platform that’s out there, improving the time, transparency and performance of your campaigns.”

DeepIntent’s business has tripled every year for the past four years, and it has plans for future growth. The company will expand its team to 100 people by the end of the year from 90 currently, which is up from 40 a year ago.

DeepIntent has built “a really strong, robust team that’s well versed in the programmatic ecosystem as well as healthcare,” Paquette said. “By combining the healthcare data competencies with the programmatic data competencies, we have the right team that’s set to deliver these type of solutions.”

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