Outcomes Are Backbone of Healthcare Targeting: DeepIntent’s Jen Werther

Speed is a critical part of measuring the outcomes of healthcare advertising, helping marketers and their agencies to better optimize their campaigns for key performance indicators (KPIs). As an operator of a demand-side platform (DSP) for healthcare marketers, DeepIntent provides information that’s more quickly actionable. “Agencies will get a PowerPoint or some information a month […]


Data-Driven Marketing Boosts Campaign ROI: InStep Health’s Dan Wilmer

Healthcare marketers have more tools to ensure their advertising is reaching patients who are most likely to seek the advice of doctors and pharmacists. Data-driven targeting can help to raise awareness among those consumers and improve the return on investment (ROI) for the makers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. For InStep Health, the biggest point-of-care […]


Clinical Data Underpin Improvements in Healthcare: Komodo Health’s Lauren Stahl

Among the healthcare industry’s many innovations in improving care is the analysis of data about patient outcomes. Komodo Health has created a “healthcare map” that applies artificial intelligence to track about 325 million U.S. patients to identify unmet needs throughout the healthcare value chain. The goal is to help payers, providers and drug makers in […]


Marketers Should Prepare for Patchwork of Privacy Laws: DeepIntent’s Yashina Burns

LOS ANGELES – In the absence of a federal privacy law, U.S. states are in different stages of drafting or approving regulations to give consumers more control over how their data are used. Marketers that collect consumer data need to ensure they’re complying with those regulations to avoid potential fines or other penalties. California last […]


Healthcare Marketers Have Key Role in Vaccination Effort: DeepIntent’s Chris Paquette

The global pandemic has made people more aware of taking steps to protect their personal health, even as it has challenged healthcare marketers to reach patients and medical professionals. Those marketers have an important role in helping to educate people about the availability of vaccines, and to address concerns about safety. “We have a population […]


Physician-Focused Ad Market Is Changing Fast with Programmatic Growth: Klick Health’s Jacob Lustig

Advertisers in the healthcare and drug industries have more tools to reach medical professionals and their patients as the media landscape evolves. Viewers are watching video content on multiple devices, including digital platforms that are selling more of their advertising inventory through automated auctions. “The fastest change in the programmatic space has been on the […]


The Modern Science Of Marketing To Doctors: Publicis Health’s Rosti

In a global pandemic crisis, doctors are the vital link between pharmaceuticals and patients. But, when in-person visits are shut down, how do medical marketers gain cut-through? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ray Rosti, chief digital officer of healthcare marketing agency Publicis Health Media, explains how health brands are overcoming the modern ailment of […]


Programmatic Campaigns Are Getting More Cohesive From ‘Pitch to Pay’: Magnite’s Adam Lowy

As healthcare advertisers shift their media buying into programmatic channels, they have an opportunity to reach targeted audiences at scale among a wide variety of digital video platforms. Those platforms are working to accommodate those advertisers, including drug makers that are required to provide product claim disclosures in video spots, extending their length. “That gets […]


E-Detailing, Telehealth Are Key Marketing Priorities Amid Pandemic: Heartbeat’s Dan Haller

The coronavirus pandemic has raised public awareness about health issues, but it also presented many challenges to marketers of health-related products and services. With many doctor’s offices closed down temporarily earlier this year, healthcare marketers had to find other ways to communicate with physicians and their patients. “A lot of our clients have millions of […]


‘Patient-Modeled Audiences’ Improve Programmatic ROI for Healthcare Marketers: DeepIntent’s Chris Paquette

The growing audience for connected TV services gives advertisers in the healthcare and drug industries more ways to reach medical professionals and their patients. Those advertisers also can improve their audience targeting with health information about consumers whose sensitive medical data are closely guarded with strict rules against unauthorized sharing. The good news for healthcare […]


Healthcare Media Embraces Programmatic Sales: Haymarket’s Louis Naimoli

Healthcare advertising has tended to be conservative, especially for products like pharmaceuticals that are heavily regulated and are required provide extensive disclosures. However, those marketers are starting to embrace advertising technology to reach healthcare providers as the coronavirus pandemic drives demand for the latest product information. For Haymarket Media, which publishes dozens of titles for […]