Advertisers in the healthcare and drug industries have more tools to reach medical professionals and their patients as the media landscape evolves. Viewers are watching video content on multiple devices, including digital platforms that are selling more of their advertising inventory through automated auctions.

“The fastest change in the programmatic space has been on the healthcare professional side,” Jacob Lustig, vice president of programmatic platforms and media innovations at health marketing agency Klick Health, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “There are many solutions now to reach physicians both in the endemic side and non-endemic side on a one-to-one basis.”

That means whether a doctor looks at a specialized medical information website like Medscape or watches a cable news channel like CNN, there’s a greater possibility of reaching that medical professional and measuring the results.

“That’s where the programmatic space has evolved dramatically,” Lustig said. “This can all be done in a brand-safe way, fully viewable — all the controls we’re used to seeing in the consumer space are pulled through into the healthcare professional side as well.”

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Because personal healthcare information is sensitive highly and regulated by laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Klick works to ensure that it collaborates with companies that comply with strict privacy procedures.

“Every partner we work with goes through a rigid review with our privacy and trust team, which makes sure any of our partners are fully compliant, have all the proper opt-outs and controls that the consumer or physician we’re targeting is in full control of targeting and tracking,” he said, adding that the review makes sure “that nothing puts our clients in any jeopardy or in danger of not following strict privacy and regulatory guidelines.”

HIPAA compliance, unique creative messaging geared for targeted audiences and measurability of outcomes guide Klick’s approach to healthcare advertisers. As more consumers hook up their TVs to the internet, Klick sees more opportunities for growth.

“One of the greatest evolutions both for consumer and healthcare professionals has been with connected TV in the sense that we can target at a household level in a HIPAA- and privacy-compliant manner, and achieve influence and impact on a one-to-one basis,” Lustig said. “This has allowed us to expand our efforts into an avenue that in the past, thinking about being full-screen on a television, was out of reach for a lot of clients.”

Klick collaborates with companies like DeepIntent, the demand-side platform (DSP) focused on healthcare, to reach target audiences programmatically. That includes physicians who are key targets for pharmaceutical companies, but can hard to reach directly through in-person sales teams during the pandemic.

“Partners like DeepIntent are crucial for us … in setting up campaigns, making sure that everything runs smoothly, but also taking our feedback,” he said. “Having these interactive and integrated notification systems has really become a core focus in the past year to help offset some of those impacts.”

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