Speed is a critical part of measuring the outcomes of healthcare advertising, helping marketers and their agencies to better optimize their campaigns for key performance indicators (KPIs). As an operator of a demand-side platform (DSP) for healthcare marketers, DeepIntent provides information that’s more quickly actionable.

“Agencies will get a PowerPoint or some information a month out, or even a quarter out, of the campaign — so the optimization lags. It’s not necessarily real-time,” Jen Werther, chief strategy officer of DeepIntent, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “If you think about us as a most powerful healthcare marketing platform, we really wanted to enable optimizations in real time, using the most important conversion.”

DeepIntent provides a complete range of services to help marketers plan their campaigns, activate them and then measure the results.

“We’re not only an optimization engine that works in real time, but the ability to use insights beyond programmatic,” Werther said. “One of the advantages of our platform is having the dashboard at your fingertips. What we’re doing is linking ad exposure to medical and pharmacy claims, but we’re also linking it to demographic data.”

For makers of pharmaceuticals, those measurable business outcomes are in the form of filled prescriptions — and that information feeds into DeepIntent’s platform. It also lets marketers evaluate the effectiveness of their ad creative on driving prescriptions.

“In our platform, you’re actually able to see creative placement based on scripts,” she said. “This could really what creatives are being built, and with a purpose.”

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