It is a media world in which publishers and ad buyers now have access to a plethora of technology to facilitate digital advertising.

But, in 2020, there are still some missing pieces of the puzzle.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kyle Dozeman, VP of advertiser solutions for PubMatic’s Americas business, describes three innovations he says the industry is asking him for.

Three innovations

1. Identity: “The walled gardens have long had an advantage over the open web when it comes to identity,” Dozeman says. “We as an open internet have an opportunity to remove that advantage.”

2. CTV and OTT: “A lot of the benefits we’ve come to expect in programmatic and other formats – Fee transparency, log data access, the ability to bid what you want to bid – don’t yet exist in programmatic CTV.”

3. Bespoke technology: “Major buyers will want differentiation in their supply chain, and they won’t be able to obtain differentiation by employing, the same tools that all other buyers are employing. We’ve seen, and expect to continue to see, an increase in discussions around custom technology builds.”

Finding alignment

Dozeman was speaking as players in the industry look to find better alignment with each other, after several years that had produced fragmentation and, in some quarters, even animosity.

He says: “The supply chain evolved from being a bunch of companies that and systems that were designed to sort of manage each other, to smaller groups of companies actively working together

“Alignment with other components or companies within that supply chain becomes the name of the game”.

How does a vendor do that? By reducing the number of companies it works with, by being clear about the role each one plays and by having shared objectives, Dozeman adds.

Source success

That is a recipe Dozeman says MediaMath, another ad-tech supplier, has got right with its Source initiative.

In October 2019, that company announced the new initiative would commit to:

  • 100% “accountability” by the end of 2020, meaning “full visibility into supply path mechanics and costs”
  • 100% “addressable” by the end of 2020, meaning “real humans that brands can reach”, versus mere targeting criteria.
  • An extension to MediaMath’s partnership with White Ops, whose software identifies bots that defraud advertisers.

Dozeman says: “MediaMath has done a really good job of sort of flipping that model and saying, ‘Let’s get a much smaller group of partners, all of which have a shared philosophy and development resources, so collectively we can do more, and let’s as a group set the right incentives and roles and responsibilities’.

“We’re really excited about this effort in general and, salute MediaMath for being such a strong leader and collaborator on this front.”

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