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Programmatic Buying: Accountability & Transparency in Focus

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As the industry tackles privacy laws, the impending deprecation of the 3P cookie, and the spread of misinformation and hate on social media platforms, there is an imperative to work together toward a more accountable, addressable and aligned digital media supply chain to solve for the interconnection of brand-safe advertising, funding of quality publishers and consumer respect.    

A custom study commissioned by MediaMath and executed by Forrester Consulting in July, “Confident Media Spending Requires A More Transparent and Addressable Supply Chain”, revealed 55% of brands think consumer privacy restricts programmatic buying addressability, or the ability to reach the right people; 53% blame incompatible, proprietary identity systems; and 45% struggle to maintain scale in 3P-cookie-restricted environments. Additionally, 70% of respondents find media accountability, transparency, addressability and alignment across the media ecosystem partner interests important to their programmatic buying decisions.

What the next steps and best practices are will be the subject of this series on Beet.TV

Here are potential interview questions:

  • The Forrester Opportunity Snapshot MediaMath recently commissioned found that over 70% of advertisers say media accountability, transparency, addressability, and alignment across the media ecosystem are important to their programmatic buying decisions. How is your company working with its partners to help bring more accountability, addressability and alignment to the industry?
  • How are the collision of the Facebook boycott, COVID, racial injustice, 3P cookie deprecation and Apple IDFA coming to bear on how marketers are looking at their advertising efforts?
  • What are advertisers expecting more of from their partners to help them navigate all of the above?
  • What work still needs to be done as we enter 2021 to bring accountability and addressability to the industry?

Production Notes

The series goes into production in late August and will continue through September. The series will debut in early September. All reporting will be done remotely via Zoom, Webex and other remote platforms.

Videos will be published on Beet.TV, its syndication and via its social media channels. 

To suggest candidate for the series, please contact Katy Charles, Senior Producer at Beet.TV