AUSTIN – What lies on the other side of the some of the most fundamental changes to digital advertising infrastructure that we have ever seen?

Around a dozen enablers of a new, identity-driven digital ad landscape.

That is according to one executive whose company has been trying to bring about a consensual, yet consolidated approach.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jim Sink, MediaMath SVP of Global Partnerships, describes how the world will change after the deprecation of third-party cookies and Apple’s decision to make its IDFA, through which advertisers track iOS users, opt-in by default.

Sun is setting

Sink says the sun is setting on the practice of synchronising third-party cookie data, the method by which many buyers try to infer a user profile from multiple devices using cookies set on partner websites.

“We believe the future is getting out of the syncing game and really transacting on as close to first-party signals as you can,” he says.

Sink is reflecting the growing belief of many that publishers and advertisers alike must, instead, pivot to working with real, first-party data provided by audiences with consent.

Open identity

But Sink has a particular take on the method. He calls it an “open identity architecture”.

“Our view of our open identity is the ability to transact on those identity signals,” he says.

Enabling those transactions is becoming the new battleground for ad-tech platforms that, until now, had relied on cookie matching and synchronizing.

“This industry globally will have different players that win in certain areas,” Sink says. “We believe that a handful, maybe up to 10 to 12 over time, will be the identity players in the industry that agencies and advertisers are working with.”

To the Source

It is almost a year since MediaMath launched a new initiative, Source, committing to:

  • 100% “accountability” by the end of 2020, meaning “full visibility into supply path mechanics and costs”
  • 100% “addressable” by the end of 2020, meaning “real humans that brands can reach”, versus mere targeting criteria.
  • An extension to MediaMath’s partnership with White Ops, whose software identifies bots that defraud advertisers.

Source is MediaMath’s effort to bring together several hand-picked ad-tech vendors committed to accountability, addressability and AI.

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