The Origin Of Source: IBM’s Brandolino On MediaMath’s Search For Transparency

“Big Blue” wants to pull advertising out of the darkness. IBM isn’t just operator of Watson, the AI engine being used to make advertising more efficient – it is also a big ad buyer in its own right. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Richard Brandolino, Head of Marketing Innovation and Programmatic Media at the […]


Disney & Hulu’s Merged XP Ad Platform Combines Best Of Both, Barnes Says

Combine two giant digital ad management platforms, and what do you get? A content powerhouse, according to the man bringing them together. From October 1, the video ad management platforms at Disney and Hulu combine as a single one called Disney Hulu XP, helping ad buyers make one buy across the combined footprint and reduce […]


People Power: Ad Buyers Discovering True Identity, LiveRamp’s Clinger Says

SAN FRANCISCO – How can ad platforms hope to front up against Google and Facebook when the fabric of ad targeting is being ripped apart? By laying a new infrastructure, says Travis Clinger. Third-party cookies are being deprecated by browser makers and Apple is switching its Identifier For Advertisers (IDFA) system to opt-in by consumers […]


After Syncing, MediaMath’s Jim Sink Sees Hybrid Identity Trading Emerging

AUSTIN – What lies on the other side of the some of the most fundamental changes to digital advertising infrastructure that we have ever seen? Around a dozen enablers of a new, identity-driven digital ad landscape. That is according to one executive whose company has been trying to bring about a consensual, yet consolidated approach. […]


We Will Overcome Ad Identity Challenges: Oracle’s Langel

In the ad industry, as in society at large, fissures are everywhere. Deprecation of third-party cookies, Apple’s decision to up-end its IDFA mobile targeting system, the COVID-19 pandemic and civil rights protests – these factors and more mean the industry is going through one of its most turbulent periods. But Chris Langel thinks what lies […]


Advertisers Must Stop The Rot Of ‘Truth Decay’: TRUSTX’s Kohl

Advertisers must accept their responsibility to continue funding journalism that plays a vital civic role – and their ROI shows it’s worth it. That is the view of the man who runs a premium private marketplace jointly owned by some of America’s leading news publishers. For news organizations, this year’s advertising outlook turned down thanks […]


How Havas Media Is Cleaning Up The ‘Bloated’ Ad Supply Chain

CHICAGO – It is now four years since a hard-hitting ANA report, K2, blew the lid off practices in which US advertising agencies were accused of keeping up to 20% of clients’ media budgets for themselves after engaging in “pervasive” kick-backs and rebates. That report kicked off more industry transparency about, well, lack of transparency […]


After IDFA, An Opportunity For Real User Relationships: LiveRamp’s Clinger

SAN FRANCISCO – Apple is blowing up a key piece of infrastructure many advertisers use to target iOS users. But, whilst many in the industry are fearful of the impact of IDFA changes, a growing number are coming to believe they also represent an evolution toward a more-effective, more-robust and more-trustful relationship with audiences. The […]


COVID-19 Propelled Ads’ ‘Flight To Safety’: Tru Optik’s Swanston

Early in the coronavirus pandemic, we knew that global lockdown and economic threat would soon be detrimental to ad spending. But it seems not every platform has suffered from the virus’ effects. In this video interview with Beet.TV, one ad-tech exec says streaming TV has actually seen positive COVID-19 growth. ‘Flight to safety’ “There was […]


Three Innovations The Industry Wants: PubMatic’s Dozeman

It is a media world in which publishers and ad buyers now have access to a plethora of technology to facilitate digital advertising. But, in 2020, there are still some missing pieces of the puzzle. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kyle Dozeman, VP of advertiser solutions for PubMatic’s Americas business, describes three innovations he […]


Apple’s IDFA Change ‘Not Terrifying’: Magnite’s Kershaw

Apple is ripping up the fabric of mobile ad targeting – but Tom Kershaw sees it as just another step along the trajectory to a world of enhanced compliance. The tech company is due to change its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), which advertisers use to identify iOS devices so they can deliver customized advertising, to […]


Combat ‘Murky’ Ad World With Transparency: MediaMath’s Steinberg

The digital advertising world has to bring about more accountability and transparency as it transitions to addressable, audience-based targeting. That is according to one ad-tech company leader that has staked his firm’s reputation on the switch. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jeremy Steinberg, head of ecosystem at MediaMath, says he is leaning into providing […]