SEATTLE – The omnichannel universe gets more fragmented every year, challenging marketers to reach audiences among a wider variety of media channels. Software platform Mediaocean aims to help advertisers and their agencies manage their campaigns in that more complex environment, having recently acquired 4C Insights to provide more in-depth data analysis.

“Our vision is to provide the best independent platform for agencies and for advertisers for omnichannel buying,” Anupam Gupta, chief product officer at Mediaocean said in this episode of “Delivering on the Promise of Omnichannel Advertising,” a Beet.TV series presented by Mediaocean. “We know that in order to traverse all these different ecosystems, you need consistency in different aspects of campaign management.”

The omnichannel universe has expanded to include over-the-top (OTT) services as more households connect their TVs directly to the internet. Streaming platforms like Hulu, Pluto TV, Peacock and Tubi are seeking a bigger slice of ad market, while social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have added more video programming to attract more media dollars from major advertisers.

“Converged TV, or as we’re calling it, ‘next-gen TV,’ is one our top priorities,” Gupta said. “No longer can you do TV or and OTT or addressable in different silos, especially given the pandemic. Consumer behavior is changing rapidly.”

Avoiding wasteful media spending among those channels requires data-driven insights into audiences. Mediaocean provides automated buying a selling of advertising inventory.

“You need to appropriately allocate the budget across those different channels using a lot of data science and machine learning and historical information,” Gupta said. “The way you buy TV is changing, but still is very different than real-time, option-based buying in some of the digital ecosystems.”

The company, whose roots go back to the 1960s with Donovan Systems, has been aggressive about buying software companies that CEO Bill Wise has described as “mini Mediaoceans” in other markets. The acquisitions include MBS and Symsys to expand into Europe, and PIN Systems and BCC AdSystems to push into the Asia-Pacific region.

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