‘We’ve Come a Long Way in Identity Resolution’: Kinesso’s Lauren Bernard

The “omnichannel utopia” is a place where buyers and sellers of media can agreeably determine the value of viewer attention among a growing array of content choices and delivery platforms. Advertisers face several hurdles in reaching that ideal point, but there are reasons for optimism as their media, agency and advertising technology partners work together […]


Omnichannel Marketing Has 3 Crucial Parts: OMD’s George Manas

Successful omnichannel advertising strategies require a holistic approach involving people, process and technology. The ultimate goal of that approach is to reach target consumers among the growing universe of fragmented marketing channels while also avoiding wasteful media spending. “The linchpin for omnichannel anything is really to start with the audience and with the consumer, versus […]


Strong Results from Cable TV Spurred Shift in Media Buys: Grubhub’s Alex Weinstein

SEATTLE – Omnichannel marketing has become more challenging as the media universe grows more fragmented, but that trend also has led to some surprising results for GrubHub. The food-delivery app has seen strong results from its cable TV commercials, defying expectations that digital channels were best suited to reach a target audience. “We are part […]


Marketers Still Want Greater OTT Scale Amid Omnichannel Convergence: Publicis EVP Nicole Whitesel

SEATTLE – The “omnichannel utopia” promises to give marketers better insights on how different media channels produce comparable results. Those comparisons remain challenging amid the rapid shift in viewing habits that has only sped up during the pandemic. “There was a lot of hope that we would be further along than we are,” Nicole Whitesel, […]


Consumer Focus Drives Omnichannel Strategy: Forrester’s Jim Nail

BOSTON – An omnichannel advertising strategy starts with the understanding that putting consumers first drives every other decision about how to reach them among a growing number of media channels. Implementing such a strategy can be challenging inside corporations with varied marketing teams that compete for internal resources while also focusing on different media outlets. […]


‘People Want Seamless Interaction with Companies and Media’: Publicis Advisor Tobaccowala

CHICAGO – The transformation of the media marketplace from analog to digital is bringing advertisers a few steps closer to the goal of unifying the omnichannel universe. Out-of-home advertising and experiential marketing are the remaining outliers in the analog world, though they increasingly are being integrated with digital platforms through mobile devices and social media, […]


Paid Social Requires ‘Being a Strategist at Heart’: Essence’s Deborah King

LONDON – Social media usage has surged during the coronavirus pandemic as homebound consumers rely on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to stay connected with the outside world. As marketers seek to reach those consumers, they face the daunting task of creating omnichannel campaigns among “walled gardens” that aren’t readily transparent and have […]


TV Nets Now Agile, Flexible with Upfront at a Pivot Point, GM CMO Deborah Wahl

DETROIT – This year’s upfront sales season for broadcast television marked a significant change in how marketers buy media placements, with the uncertainties of the coronavirus pandemic driving a demand for greater flexibility. For Deborah Wahl, global chief marketing officer of automotive giant General Motors, the rapidly changing media marketplace has pushed the automotive giant […]


Unlocking the “Five I’s” of Omnichannel Advertising: Mediaocean’s Neuhauser

CHICAGO – Omnichannel marketing has become more challenging as viewing habits change, especially amid the disruptions of the coronavirus pandemic. With more people consuming media on smartphones and through connected TVs, marketers must quickly adapt their strategies to reach their most likely customers. It’s helpful to remember the “Five I’s”  when it comes to omnichannel […]


‘Next-Gen TV Is Top Priority’ Amid Rapid Changes: Mediaocean’s Anupam Gupta

SEATTLE – The omnichannel universe gets more fragmented every year, challenging marketers to reach audiences among a wider variety of media channels. Software platform Mediaocean aims to help advertisers and their agencies manage their campaigns in that more complex environment, having recently acquired 4C Insights to provide more in-depth data analysis. “Our vision is to […]