Beyond Point Solutions: Mediaocean’s Gupta Targets Three-Layered TV Ad Efficiency

LOS ANGELES — When you already facilitate a gargantuan chunk of media spending, any improvements you make to the platform could yield huge results. That is the place at which Mediaocean finds itself. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Anupam Gupta, Chief Product Officer, Mediaocean, explains the areas his company is focused on improving for 2022. […]


‘Next-Gen TV Is Top Priority’ Amid Rapid Changes: Mediaocean’s Anupam Gupta

SEATTLE – The omnichannel universe gets more fragmented every year, challenging marketers to reach audiences among a wider variety of media channels. Software platform Mediaocean aims to help advertisers and their agencies manage their campaigns in that more complex environment, having recently acquired 4C Insights to provide more in-depth data analysis. “Our vision is to […]


Ad Buyers Need Help On OTT Ads: Beet Retreat Panel

SAN JUAN, PR — The new TV landscape offers advertisers the opportunity to better plan, target and measure their campaigns, in a manner more reminiscent of digital marketing. But how are advertisers adapting to the palette of options presented by OTT (over-the-top) and connected TV delivery? In a panel called “Buy-Side Perspectives – The Big […]


What Is ‘TV’? Hulu, FreeWheel, dataxu, comScore, 4C Execs Discuss

SAN JUAN — If you listen to the tech crowd and if you look at some of the consumer behavior, TV is “dying”. But, if that is the case, how do you explain Netflix? Many executives in the industry have long since moved on from using “TV” to describe the box in the living room connected […]


Quest For More Linear TV Scale Links 4C Insights With a4, MASS Exchange

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—With collaboration “really the key word,” 4C Insights continues to add to its ensemble of inventory aggregation partners for unified, cross-platform targeting and measurement given advertisers’ desire for more scale. “The theme for us continues to be to provide audience-driven solutions for marketers, where they can buy on an audience-basis inventory across […]


Data-Driven Targeting Promise Becomes Application: 4C Insights’ Gupta

After years of talk and wishful thinking about data-driven audience targeting, “I think we’re getting down to the nuts and bolts,” says Anupam Gupta, Chief Product Officer at 4C Insights, the data science and marketing technology company. “A lot of the conversations now are not such much about the promise of all the stuff we […]


Smart TV Data + First Party Data is Driving Advanced TV Transformation: 4C’s Gupta

What do you get when you mix the largest TV ad-monitoring service with one of the crop of TV content recognition vendors? 4C Insights calls it “enhanced audience targeting and analytics for premium channels including linear television, over-the-top (OTT) television, social, and digital media”. Back in January, the ad intelligence company, whose Teletrax unit monitors […]


Horizon Taps 4C Insights For Better TV Targeting, Gupta Says

LAS VEGAS — Brands which use the media agency Horizon to buy ads on connected TVs are about to get smarter placements, following a partnership with 4C Insights. As AdExchanger reported, on top of its Pivot advanced TV platform, Horizon is building a custom planning tool to marry behavioral, attitudinal and purchase data with viewership data. […]


Beet Retreat Miami Panel Probes Advanced-TV Roadblocks: Furious Corp., 4C Insights, Oracle Data Cloud And Finecast

MIAMI – If you could change just one thing tomorrow that could speed up the advanced-television business, what would that be? Maybe nothing that would have an immediate impact on the way things were done—inertia being what it is—but it’s good to ponder the question anyway. This was the approach taken by Ashley J. Swartz, […]


What TV Can Learn From Digital In Audience Targeting: 4C Insights’ Anupam Gupta

MIAMI – Sometimes you need to learn from new media channels in order to better understand and use the ones that are much older. Social media and television is a case in point. Media technology provider 4C Insights cut its teeth on digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. As it shifts into the […]


Targeting & Creative ‘Go Hand In Hand,’ Says 4C Insights’ Gupta

MIAMI – While at Mixpo, Anupam Gupta played in the creative management layer space. However, the last five to seven years in advertising “have been all about targeting,” says the Chief Product Officer for 4C Insights. “But that doesn’t mean that we won’t come back to creative.” During a panel discussion at the recent […]


‘Affinity Targeting’ Shows Marketers Unexpected Correlations, 4C’s Gupta Says

MIAMI — What do Santa Claus and a stick of gum teach marketers about the future of advertising? Turns out, plenty, according to one ad-tech firm helping advertisers leverage social data to target TV and other commercials. 4C Insights’ Anupam Gupta calls it “affinity targeting”, and he says the new technique could be powerful. “So, if you think […]