Gaming, like streaming, has become an enormous part of a burgeoning ad model. In an interview with Beet.TV, Karl Meyer, head of sales, media and entertainment at Samsung Ads, explains that his company is able to use unique metrics to help this corner of advertising grow.

Gaming provides a target audience for Samsung in age and gender, but also with the availability of their TVs and technology. This is a solid match for the publishing end of the gaming industry.

“The publisher side of gaming is leaning towards us to measure the efficacy of their media against the release of a particular game in any given time,” says Meyer.

What that means is that Samsung is able to measure the exposure of their media against the game release on release day. They can then track it back to the time spent watching and playing games.

On the publishing end, Meyer explains that it’s difficult for them to attribute their linear spend to more digital means. Digital offers a lot more accountability and measurement, whereas linear is coming along. He adds, however, that Samsung has metrics that provides insight on digital.

“We bring a unique measuring tactic that has great one-to-one deterministic and data fidelity that they get from digital but not from linear,” says Meyer. “So we fill that gap in a big way.”

This video is part of a series produced at CES 2020 called Television Redefined, sponsored by Samsung Ads.  For more videos, please visit this page.