LAS VEGAS– In conversations with clients, Nicholas Hartofilis, the evp of national video investment at Zenith, says there’s a new sense of urgency in reforming their advertising approaches.

“There’s a greater pressure on understanding the TV ecosystem, knowing if you keep doing the same thing you’ll get diminishing returns,” Hartofilis told Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Zenith’s response has been to build out a platform that lets clients take their typical ad buys and make them addressable by dividing up national inventory and creative into more targeted content identified by household demographics. This helps clients fit addressable advertising, including in mediums like MPVD, satellite and smart TV, into their existing budgets, making it an easier sell to CMOs.

“This is an addressable experience in a unique way we haven’t seen before and it’s super intuitive for clients,” says Hartofilis. “It’s something they see a lot of possibility for and use case for.”

At the center of Zenith’s addressable strategy is ACR, or automatic content recognition, which Hartofilis says has gotten the company close to true outcome measurement, helping clients to better understand engagement and action in response to TV ads. Now, Zenith is focused on bridging the gap between TV and digital. The next step: unification.

“We’ve done great things in linear TV but we need to expand that supply space, that aperture in which we’re operating in a total video environment,” says Hartofilis. “ACR tech is key to building more robust panels and smarter predictive engines to do that effectively and bridge digital and television.”

This video is part of a series produced at CES 2020 called Television Redefined, sponsored by Samsung Ads.  For more videos, please visit this page.