SAN JUAN, PR — Carpenters have an old proverb: “Measure twice, cut once.” It’s designed to convey the importance of accurate measurements in a skilled trade.

Now it might also be applied to TV advertisers, whose ability to measure the efficacy of their spend is undergoing a revolution.

Charter’s Spectrum Reach ad sales division is one of the advocates of that revolution.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, its VP Kim Norris discusses new tricks the company is applying to tv measurement.

“We have been developing some self-provisioning platforms that actually allow our advertisers to log on and see the results of a multi-platform campaign,” she says. “Which is pretty impressive, to be able to get to a point where you can actually show a client, ‘Okay, this is what you bought and here’s the reporting against it cross-platform’.”

But now Norris is chasing more.

She tells Beet.TV her team will soon offer new numbers to data-hungry ad buyers.

“We’re sort of expanding that … we’re developing some reach and frequency reporting that will also run across the products that we’re currently selling in the local market,” Norris adds.

Norris was interviewed by TV[R]EV co-founder Alan Wolk at Beet Retreat San Juan 2020, where she was a participant.

This video was produced  at the Beet Retreat San Juan 2020 sponsored by 605, DISH Media, NBCU, Roundel & Tubi.   For more videos from the series, please visit this landing page