SANTA BARBARA — What would you get in the middle of the Venn diagram if you overlaid “millennials” and “Generation Z”?

Cuspers“, according to recently-published research from Fullscreen, an agency providing influencer talent to brands and management services to talent.

The research, conducted by TalkShoppe for Fullscreen, which is owned by WarnerMedia’s Otter Media group, identified a group of consumers, aged 19 to 25, that finds itself transitioning between generations.

“They actually have traits from both millennials and Gen Z and they have traits that are unique to this audience as well,” says Fullscreen strategy VP Kyle Cushman in this video interview with Beet.TV .

“They’re fiscally irresponsible. But they’re also fiercely loyal. So, if brands can form connections with them today, they have a really high lifetime value potential. They actually represent $622 billion in potential US spending power.”

Fullscreen began as a multi-channel network (MCN) in 2011, representing YouTube stars to get brand deals. Video stars on its books include game streamer Ninja and comedian Jack Douglass.

Brands it has worked with include Timberland and Top Chef.

These creators are becoming more sophisticated,” Cushman adds. “Every year I see them become more professional, be able to build their own brands. And so we’ve had to build other models to survive and really thrive in this new marketplace.

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