Helping the Neediest: Jay Sears is Aligning the Ad Tech Industry to Build Schools in Underdeveloped Communities Globally

Team Dayā is a foundation that raises money to build schools in underdeveloped communities in other countries. In an interview with Beet.TV, Team Dayā’s founder and veteran ad tech executive Jay Sears gave a bit of history behind the company and explained how folks in the advertising and technology industries can help. Team Dayā started […]


Streaming Wars Heat Up as Xumo is Sold to Comcast

In December, the Wall Street Journal reported that Xuomo is in advanced conversations to be acquired by Comcast.  Today, the companies announced the deal. Launched in 2011 by MySpace owner Viant together with Panasonic, Xumo offers more than 160 channels on smart TVs from Hisense, Magnavox, Panasonic, Philips, Sanyo, Sharp and VIZIO, plus on LG […]


Tru Optik’s New Brings Privacy Control To OTT Ads: CEO Swanston

SANTA BARBARA — The emerging era of targeted over-the-top TV ads brings a consumer privacy challenge, says one vendor launching a new piece of technology to give consumers more control. In January 2018, Tru Optik, a technology vendor that offers a data management platform for over-the-top (OTT) TV advertisers, launched OptOut.TV, giving consumers a one-click […]


IAB Will Step Up DC Data Lobbying, Moots FTC Oversight

SANTA BARBARA —  The non-profit umbrella representing advertising-funded digital media will bolster its defense to lawmakers it says don’t understand the data-driven ad targeting technology they are legislating against. But the IAB also says it has its own ideas for limiting the mis-use of audience data. In the last couple of years, privacy scandals like […]


Privacy Outcry Means Uncertainty But Recovery: LUMA’s Kawaja

SANTA BARBARA — The marketing industry has been thrown in to turmoil by a collection of digital privacy scandals and regulatory responses that have changed the nature of ad targeting. But it will recover as one which executes similar opportunities on a different basis. That is according to one of the arch deal makers responsible […]


Excess Ads Break The TV Experience: M1’s Spengler

SANTA BARBARA — Advertisers must reduce the number of ads to which they expose viewers on different devices if they want to avoid putting them off and turning them away. That is the view of one ad agency exec searching for technology to reduce the frequency of ads. They key, says Tim Spengler, the president […]


Effectiveness Drives Ad Load: VAB’s Cunningham On TV

SANTA BARBARA — Around the new TV industry, sentiment is growing that there are too many ads on screen. As the average total duration of ads on US TV has climbed to 22 minutes per hour, subscription, ad-free video services have risen in popularity. That is prompting a recalibration, with many networks committing to air […]


‘Cuspers’ Straddle Gen-Z & Millennials: Fullscreen’s Cushman

SANTA BARBARA — What would you get in the middle of the Venn diagram if you overlaid “millennials” and “Generation Z”? “Cuspers“, according to recently-published research from Fullscreen, an agency providing influencer talent to brands and management services to talent. The research, conducted by TalkShoppe for Fullscreen, which is owned by WarnerMedia’s Otter Media group, […]


Outcomes Priced On ‘Cost Per Whatever’: A+E’s Heftman

SANTA BARBARA — Television ad salespeople need to go beyond just selling impressions and brand marketers need to empathize with the underlying goals of their companies  in an age where outcomes are becoming more in-demand. That is the message from one leading advertising exec at US TV company A+E Networks. The company, which operates channels […]


Magna’s Anson Wants AVOD Wave With ‘Light’ Ad Load

SANTA BARBARA — If ad agencies were starting to worry that the rise of subscription video services would leave them without a route to viewers, perhaps they should begin to improve that outlook. Because, seeming to come as a response to the rise of pay-for VOD, a new wave of ad-supported OTT TV services (AVOD) is […]


How Data Trends Are Re-Shaping Ad Prices: Hearts & Science’s Pagliuca

SANTA BARBARA — Recent seismic shifts in digital advertising, instigated largely by privacy concerns, are having a profound impact on the economics of digital advertising – and more is on the way. That is according to one ad agency exec charged with data oversight. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Hearts & Science chief data […]


As Addressability Withers, Embrace Opt-In: PubMatic’s Goel

SANTA BARBARA — For the last decade, digital advertising has revelled in its ability to super-target individual audiences using assortments of digital breadcrumbs, leveraged through software platforms. But, lately, legislation and tech vendors’ own policy changes mean this super-power is drying up – and that is causing a reduction in ad spend. So says the […]


Brands Must Understand Diversity to Grow: UWG’s Nelson

SANTA BARBARA — UWG CEO Monique Nelson still sees plenty of growth opportunity ahead for the agency, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. UWG, which rebranded from UniWorld Group in 2014, is the leading full-service multicultural agency in the US. Nelson, who has led the company as chief executive since 2007, has helped to […]


Publishers Should Allow Ad Buyers’ Own Data: Beachfront’s Sinton

SANTA BARBARA — In a world after GDPR, one in which indiscriminately targeting audiences by following them around the web with ad-tech is becoming slightly more frowned upon, how can advertisers reach consumers? Most of the industry has now settled on the view that third-party data, that held in data warehouses and made available for […]


Hulu’s Pause Ads Lift Brands 68%: Helfand

SANTA BARBARA — Most TV services want to show ads to viewers when the viewers are watching shows. Last year, Hulu began asking a different question – what if it served an ad when viewers stopped watching? In January, it launched a new ad format, “Pause Ad“, and the first results from tests with Coca-Cola […]


Group Nine Media Seeks Brand-Content Integration: Kolb

Despite recent skepticism over the role of venture capital in digital media start-ups, Group Nine Media this month raised a $50 million new funding round, pushing its valuation to a lofty $600 million. How is it going to make good on that confidence? Not by plain old advertising alone. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


Driverless Cars, 5-G, Will Spur Content Consumption: MediaLink’s Kassan

The number of subscription video-on-demand services may be multiplying toward possible “subscription fatigue”, and there may still only be 24 hours in any given day. But could transportation technology change the game? A growing number of media leaders thinks so. In this video interview with Beet.TV, cross-disciplinary media consultancy MediaLink CEO Michael Kassan says a content […]


AMC’s Addressable Future: Partnerships & Evolution, Gaynor Says

SANTA BARBARA — It was back in mid-2018 that AMC Networks first said it would allow advertisers to dynamically insert ads to reach specific households. That was after AMC Networks – whose portfolio includes AMC, IFC, SundanceTV, WE tv and BBC America – hired Adam Gaynor, the long-time DISH Network executive who oversaw media sales […]


Connect, Don’t Build: Norman Advises On Ad-Tech

SANTA BARBARA — There is now a plethora of ad-tech solutions available to ad buyers, a smorgasbord of options for applying data to ad buying. And yet, this emerging world of opportunity also carries with it degrees of fragmentation and limitation. So, should ad buyers look to build their own, perfect solution? No, says a […]


Turner Follows Sports Fans After The Final Play: Shackell

SANTA BARBARA — If sports TV channels ever find themselves priced-out of the fast-changing live TV rights, well, Turner Sports may be well placed to reach the right fans, regardless. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Laurie Shackell, VP of advanced media at Turner Sports, says her company is aiming to offer advertisers exposure to […]

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