SANTA BARBARA — There is now a plethora of ad-tech solutions available to ad buyers, a smorgasbord of options for applying data to ad buying.

And yet, this emerging world of opportunity also carries with it degrees of fragmentation and limitation.

So, should ad buyers look to build their own, perfect solution? No, says a veteran agency executive – the imperative is integration.

“The key for buyers is to stay adaptive and agile,” says Rob Norman, the former GroupM chief digital officer who also now sits on the board of BBC Global News, Knotch, comScore and “The key for buyers is not to build their own technologies but to work out how to integrate the platforms.

“Having spent almost my whole life in agencies, there’s never been a time when it’s more important to have people that can join the dots between the complex and very, very different offers of these major players.”

He refers to ad-tech data platforms, even the largest amongst them, as merely “corners of the world” overall.

Norman recently left GroupM, the world’s largest media-buying agency, after several years.

Going forward, Norman predicts the growing crop of subscription VOD TV services will be met with “subscription fatigue and confusion”.

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