The number of subscription video-on-demand services may be multiplying toward possible “subscription fatigue”, and there may still only be 24 hours in any given day. But could transportation technology change the game?

A growing number of media leaders thinks so.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, cross-disciplinary media consultancy MediaLink CEO Michael Kassan says a content crunch is coming.

“In the real, real world, people are going to have to make some binary choices,” Kassan says. “Not everybody can add 10 subscription services to their monthly expense. They’re going to go where the content is going to be the most compelling.”

In other words, when the rubber hits the road, some consumers are going to take a hard left.

But the nature of what represents valuable content could change when there is a lot more time available to watch that content, Kassan believes. He thinks driverless cars could create more time for consumers to be in front of screens.

“Just think of the fact that the commute that most consumers have in their day jobs, you know, today,” he says. “All of a sudden you’re going to be handed back an hour, 45 minutes, two hours a day of commute time that normally they had their hands on the wheel. There’s going to be an increase in content consumption.”

To many, the idea that removing drivers’ autonomy in order to sit them, immobile, in front of more marketing messages may seem like a dystopian commercial fantasy.

But you only have had to ride in the back of a New York taxi to be a passenger exposed to TV news and local advertising on screens in the back of the cab.

Kassan says: “It’s a perfect storm that we as consumers I think can just revel in. I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for my next binge. I’m always looking for that next new bit of content that can capture my attention.”

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