The technology is in place, now ad agencies need to use it to better approach the opportunities afforded by advanced TV ad targeting.

Fortunately, many ad agencies are now putting together the pieces involving audience data sets and software tools, according to Philip Smolin.

“We’re seeing a number of agencies that are on the leading edge of that evolution,” says Amobee’s chief strategy officer in this video interview with Beet.TV. “And I think generally we’re seeing it play out in three somewhat discreet phases:

  1. Converged measurement. You you have different teams, they’re executing on different channels, different devices, but get them to utilize the same measurement data.”
  2. Converged planning. Once you have that unified measurement, you’re now able to look at your planning to decide, ‘Hey, for this strategic audience … how do I create complimentary reach and the proper exposure and frequency controls across the other channels?”
  3. Converge management. Do you have a single team that is doing all of your TV planning and investments and that same person is also doing all of your digital? (This) will be the one that’s the most distant out, it may be 24 months as opposed to six to 12 months.”

Amobee is a media management software provider helping in the yse of data for planning, transacting, measuring and analyzing ads across TV, digital and social.

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