It’s the mother of all roll-ups. Engadget, TechCrunch, HuffPost, AOL, Yahoo, Flurry, Verizon and a host of other media properties, all part of what once was called “Oath” and is now just “Verizon Media”.

But how do advertisers take advantage of that mega media platform, and what exactly is Verizon Media’s offering?

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jeff Lucas, Verizon Media Head of North American Sales & Global Client Solutions, explains: “We’re second to Google in terms of total size, and we are stocked with premium, professionally produced content.

  • User data: “On a monthly basis, we have nearly a billion users that are consuming professionally produced content. So we get billions every day of data signals that come back to us and form data insights that we can share with our advertisers.”
  • Geo data: “We can also combine that with Flurry. Flurry is the back end of 80 of the top 100 apps – that talks about location and that talks about engagement.
  • Customer data: “We’re introducing first-party data at scale.  … We also have Verizon Wireless data that we can put in there also, and then we have membership, we have subscriber data that we can put in there.”

“What we do is, when we look at the first-party data of our users consuming content, we can see where they’re consuming content along the path to purchase. I think that that’s very unique that others don’t have.”

Lucas was speaking around Verizon Media’s NewFronts presentation, where the outfit was pitching its upcoming content slate to advertisers in a bid to secure upfront ad sales agreements.

That roster includes:

  • 5B: a documentary made by Verizon-owned RYOT about HIV/AIDS nurses.
  • Hypezilla, the weekly shoppable series, with an AR-enabled feature coming to the Yahoo Play app, enabling users to virtually try on products.
  • NFL streaming games will be extended from the Yahoo Sports mobile app in to the Yahoo Fantasy Football app and other Verizon and NFL media properties on phones and tablets.
  • Yahoo News XR, a new partner program in which several news organizations will team with Yahoo News and Verizon Media’s RYOT to make AR and VR experiences via Verizon’s 5G Labs and RYOT’s 5G Studio in LA.
  • Yahoo Finance will have three new line-ups, including a new show called My Three Cents, a series of podcasts.